UFO Book Reviews
UFOs; The Great Debate
An Objective Look at Extraterrestrials, Government Cover-Ups and the Prospect of First Contact

By J. Allen Danelik
ISBN: 978-0-7887-1383-0
Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, MN
Trade paperback, 237 pages

I heard the author discussing this book on the popular radio show Coast-to-Coast AM. Mr. Danelek has written previously on such Fortean subjects as Bigfoot, ghost, and reincarnation. This book is divided into three parts:
1)The case for Extraterrestrials
2)Examining government conspiracies
3)Exploring the alien agenda
As the title suggest the author explores many aspects of the UFO phenomena, giving pros and cons and all sides of the debate their voice.

The opening chapter takes the reader on a brief history lesson from ancient times, the age of the great airships, foofighters in World War II, and the start of the modern era with the Arnold sighting over Mount Rainier, Washington in June, 1947.

The next sixty years is divided into three specific "eras" (contactee, abductee, and government conspiracy phase). The seasoned ufologist will find nothing new in this overview, but it is conclusive that the UFO phenomenon seems to be flourishing as we enter the 21st century.

Over the next several chapters the author begins to get into the gist of the book providing five theories on the motives of an extra-terrestrial race for visiting the earth and five alternative hypothesis for interacting with our population.

The final section of part I gives the skeptics a turn at bat and reviews a number of explanations offered including: the human factor, hoaxing, misinterpretation of natural phenomena, experimental/military aircraft and the lack of abundant radar and physical evidence.

Part II looks into the diverse features of government involvement. In January 1948 the U.S. Air Force began a formal study of UFO reports under the sequential program names of project "Sign", Grudge" and "Blue Book". These mostly ineffective endeavors were discontinued after 1969.

We are than introduced to the civilian organization such as NICAP, APRO, CUFOS and MUFON which is misidentified as the Midwest UFO Network.

No analysis of government involvement would be complete without a reference to the widely discussed and debatable Majestic 12 documents. There is a listing of the official government security classification system and criteria behind each rating. I however saw no mention of the "crypto" clearance which is above "top secret" and would seem pertinent to the subject of UFOs.

Mr. Danelek speculates the reason a UFO would crash, the probability of a successful retrieval operation, reciprocal exchange of technology and the feasibility of reverse engineering. He then touches on the famous Roswell incident of July 1947 and leaves the reader to mull over whether there was a cover-up or simply a fabrication.

By now it is clear-cut that there are a variety of craft being seen and several alien types being reported. We are mindful of them.

Part III makes an effort to discern their agenda on earth. Mr. Danelek makes reference to the old "star Trek" television series and something known as the "Prime Directive". Basically, it means not interfering with the natural evolution of the planet. Although this idea was born to sci-fi domain, it has merit and would be fundamental for any explorers to exploit. He provides a four-step process that a logical,  sophisticated and intellectual race would put to use.

He continues this pattern in chapter 12 as he gives six stages of "contact" for us to ponder. The next two chapters examine several standard earth mysteries commonly linked to the UFO phenomena (crop circles, cattle mutilations, MIBs and abductions). The reader is provided data and material which both aims to substantiate and conversely to uncover the hypothetical accounts to these components of "second stage" contact. Mr. Danelek concludes with a few predictions, opinions formed by years of researching the evidence as a competent ufologist.

The appendix is a satirical, light hearted romp from the aliens' perspective. There is a bibliography of about twenty well known titles by some of the elite names in ufology. There was not an index, which I feel is always a valuable asset in a book such as this. I found a couple of grammatical errors ("astrologers" should have been "astronomers" and Ufonauts" should have been "Ufologist"), but overall the book was well written.

J. Allen Danelek has a skillful, solid manuscript here and using a "debate" format was a unique spin. I recommend it for the ufologist or anyone with an interest in our riveting and esoteric field.

James E. DelehantlyASD South/FI Indiana MUFON    29 July 2009


Memoirs of a Monster Hunter
A Five Year Journey in Search of the Unknown

By Nick Redfern

ISBN-13: 978-1-56414-976-3
ISBN-10: 56414-976-5
Career Press Inc., Franklin Lakes NJ 07417
255 Pages, Trade paperback

Nick Redfern, an Englishman, now living in Dallas, Texas embarks on a five year adventure in his most recent book. A well known author and investigator of UFOs and government conspiracies, Redfern now goes on a mission to find Bigfoot, werewolves, chupacabras and other such strange, menacing, elusive creatures.

The story begins in March 2001 as author Redfern arrives in Laughlin, Nevada where he is one of the guest speakers at the annual UFO conference. During the conference, it is his good fortune to meet Dana, a girl from Port Arthur, Texas who would become his wife later that year.

The new couple settled in the small town of Littlefield, Texas which is nearby two cities famous for UFO encounters a half a century ago, Lubbock and Levelland. One of Redfern's first trips took him to Taos, New Mexico where a Bigfoot type beast had been seen with a black helicopter in pursuit. Black helicopters have long been associated with UFO/paranormal events. What could be the connection between the two?

Nick quickly discovers the state of Texas had a rich history of Bigfoot like entities and man-beast, with reports occurring all the way back into the nineteenth century. A region known as "The Big Thicket" in southeast part of the state is a sprawling mass of rivers, swampland and incredible dense forest. The Thicket is the location of a variety of anomalous phenomena such as: UFOs, ghost-lights, Bigfoot, and other crypto zoological mysteries that were paranormal in nature.

In the summer of 2003, Nick and Dana were living in Nederland, Texas. The author interviewed a witness who as a teenager with two other friends had a bizarre encounter. The man described in graphic detail a wolf-like creature seen in the woods at the nearby town of Orange, Texas in 1933. Other such "werewolf" reports have been documented in Arkansas and Wisconsin. Some researchers believe this may be surviving relics of a beast known as Amphicyon that lived in the Miocene era some 23-25 million years ago and thought to be extinct. Could similar creatures still inhabit the thick forest of the United States Today?

Nick and Dana moved to the city of Dallas where their new home was located almost on the shore of White Rock Lake. A picturesque area which had a strange atmosphere, unexplained stories and legends. The most notable monster of White Rock Lake was called "goat-man". In the 1970s and 1980s odd man-like creatures seen primarily after sunset described like the fabled Satyrs of Greek and Roman legends.

While in Jefferson, Texas in October 2004 to make a presentation on "British Bigfoot", Nick Redern uses the opportunity to join others in a search for the Lone Star State's most famous man-beast. His interest is fueled by stories from several members of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center (TBRC) who have had personal encounters. One area which is said to be a hotbed for Bigfoot is Caddo Lake, longest natural freshwater in the south, covering approximately 26,800 acres.

As 2004 drew to a close, Nick an Dana returned to England and Scotland for a holiday visit and learn of strange creatures seen in a wooded area of Lytham St. Anne's Lancanshire. In June 2005 he ventures for the second time into the Big Thicket of east Texas and again is confronted with high strangeness.

As chapter 13 begins Nick is doing research on the previously mentioned goat-man creature reported to have been seen near Lake Worth, Texas. There was one particular account of a 1969 encounter which has 30-40 people in pursuit of the goat-man on a nearby bluff. The mighty beat was said to have hurled a large tire for an astonishing 500 feet. I have no doubt that this is nothing more than an urban myth. It would take a large trebuchet to throw a tire five hundred feet. Think about it, 500 feet is about 100 feet more the distance to most major league baseball parks center field fence.

On Greer Island the team discovered a pyramid style formation known as a "teepee". In crypto zoological circles these are thick branches possibly used as a location marker and commonly found wherever man-beast are seen.

Puerto Rico has a long history of UFO/paranormal activity, but may be best known for the blood sucking killing machine- El Chupacabra. A fearsome vampire-like beast described as having razor-sharp claws, red glowing eyes and vicious looking spikes running down its back.

Nick Redfern visited the El Yunque Rain Forest to out if El Chupacabra is a product of American military genetic experiments, a cover for devil cults or actually responsible for ongoing cattle and goat mutilations on the island. Some authorities maintain that such mutilations, albeit genuine, are the work of both wild and domestic dogs.

The final chapter "The Never Ending Journey" had us following Nick to Roswell, New Mexico where he joined other well known paranormal investigators on a film project at the famous alleged UFO crash site.

I was a little surprised that the author failed to include in his five year quest a look into the renowned mystery of the Jersey Devil.

Memoirs of a Monster Hunter is a clever combination of travel logbook and Nick Redfern's personal adventures, which run the gamut from romance to on-sight investigations of the unexplained.

I particularly enjoyed his wit and sense of humor throughout the book and found myself laughing out loud often. There are some photographs of different locations mentioned and of his wife Dana. A list of resources by chapter and index is at the end of the book.

If you are among the many people fascinated by legends of strange creatures that stalk planet earth, I recommend Nick Redfern's newest book.

James E. DelehantyASD South/FI Indiana MUFON    November 23, 2007

Military Encounters with UFOs in World War II

By Keith Chester

ISBN: 978-1-933665-20-7
ISBN: 10: 1-933665-20-3
Anomalist Books, 2007
Trade Paperback, 308 pages$17.95 plus handling

If you ask someone if they know what a "Foo Fighter" is, odds are you will get at least two responses. For the young generation of today "Foo Fighters" is the name of a nationally known rock band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 1994.

For veterans of World War II and the baby boomers of the 1940's and 1950's the name is synonymous with the mysterious "ball of fire", which were seen by pilots and crewmembers over the European and Pacific theaters during WWII.

Author Keith Chester takes us back to the time of World War II, the epic global conflict, involving most every nation from 1939-1945. We will learn of first-hand reports of military personnel in both theaters of operation as they described encounters with objects which had extraordinary flight performance capabilities.

The book begins covering a flurry of mysterious activity in the skies over three countries (Norway, Sweden and Finland), from late 1933 through 1937. A half decade of incredible sighting reports, a mystery to police, military, and scientific authorities.

On October 30, 1938, a CBS radio program "War of the Worlds" by H.G. Wells fueled public interest in reports of world wide aerial phenomena. In the third chapter, the author examines the famous "Battle of Los Angeles" on February 25, 1942 (2:00AM) in the early days of U.S. involvement in the war. Unidentified aerial targets were picked by radar units. Thousands of witnesses describe seeing "glowing objects" heading inland. Searchlights streaked in all directions and anti-aircraft fire erupted. By dawn everything was quiet, but with much evidence of debris.

By March 1943, U.S. Army Air Forces and RAF bomber crews were reporting unknown/unconventional aircraft and sightings of pyrotechnic phenomena were at an all time high. On September 6, 1943 over Stuttgart, Germany a small "silver disc" was seen by a B17 crew. As month's passed, larger disc shaped aircraft were observed flying or hovering in the distance. Crewmembers became reluctant to report strange, unconventional aircraft due to skepticism, if not derision.

The conventional aircraft sights were plaguing the Allied Air Forces. Were these crews seeing a variety of new German devices such as the V1 and B2 rockets, or the HS-239 glide bomber? On April 26, 1944, RAF pilot Arthur Horton returning from a mission over Essen, Germany was followed by four "orange glows" the size of a large football. The fire-like objects mad no move to attack. This episode lasted ten minutes and covered fifty miles. Horton and his gunman were satisfied they had reported something real; Intelligence officers gave no credence to their report.

On June 6, 1944 "Operation Overload", the invasion of Europe had commenced. Both U.S. and German forces witnessed unconventional aircraft described as dark ellipsoidal (sausage), round discus shapes, and spheres. In the Pacific, U.S. Navy Technical Air Intelligence was conducting aerial phenomena and unconventional aircraft investigations. Sightings were escalating, but so far they had not interfered with military operations.

An incident on October 12, 1944 in the vicinity of Strasbourg, France caused aircraft engine roughness and excessive radio noise. It was a strange experience that greatly troubled the War Department. By mid-December 1944 nearly everyone in the 415th night Fighter Squadron had seen the mysterious lights and nobody had any answers. An operations officer suggested a nickname for the strange lights. The name "Foo Fighters" was brought up- gleamed from the comic strip character "Smokey Stover" who often said "Where there is foo, there is fire".

"Foo Fighters" had been reported frequently since late 1944. They had a "fire-like glow", operated in an advanced manner and went undetected by radar. The reports from the U.S. Night Flying Squadrons had finally gained the attention of General Carl Spaatz, Commander, and U.S. Army Air Forces in Great Britain.

Bob Wilson, a reporter for the Associated Press had heard first hand accounts of pilots with fascinating encounters with the eerie foo fighters. His story was picked up by New York Times on January 2, 1945 and Time and Newsweek magazines followed up with their coverage on January 15, 1945. The media reports were starting to turn heads in Washington DC. By mid-January 1945, balloons were being launched by the Japanese toward the U.S. and Canada. A serious military matter since they contained high explosive shells and there was speculation they held biological agents (For a detailed account of these attacks, review "Silent Siege" by Bert Webber, 1984, Ye Galleon Press).

On February 11, 1945 the first officially acknowledged Foo Fighter investigation by SIAS (Scientific Intelligence Advisory Section) began. Skeptical scientist felt the foo fighter business was a figment of the imagination or St. Elmo's fire, which infuriated the military air crews. The pilots were adamant they had encountered something real. Some described it as a "cat and mouse" game with the unknown circular craft disappearing at incredible speeds.

The skies over the Pacific were experiencing a wide variety of aerial encounters from March 30th to late April 1945. General Curtis LeMay's XXI Bomber Command's Air Intelligence Staff on Guam issued a report representing up to date information and theories on the "balls of fire".

After Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945, Allies questioned Reichmarschall Goering. They discovered that the foo fighter sightings seen in the European theater were as much a mystery to the Luftwaffe as they were to U.S. and RAF crews. David Griggs, head of the Advisory Specialist Group recognizes the similarities between the two theaters and opened an investigation.

At Hartford, Washington and Adak, Alaska even more incredible sightings occurred. Massive saucer-like objects were reported during day light hours.

During the first ten day of August 1945, the U.S. delivered the definitive knock-out punch when the Enola Gay and Bockscar dropped their atomic bombs. Japan quickly surrendered on August 15, 1945, ending WWII.

David Griggs arrived in Japan on September 6, 1945 to conduct a mission regarding the Japanese scientific war research. Part of his mission involved his "ball of light" investigation we first touched on in an earlier chapter. During an interview, they learned from a Japanese officer that circumstances in Japan mirrored those in Germany and that they were at a loss to explain the weird amorphous lights that were chasing military aircraft.

After the war, it was obvious that many of the sighting reports were explainable by misidentification of enemy ordnance and weaponry. However, some defied conventional explanation and remember captured enemy airmen claimed they were followed by the fiery objects. Along with the "foo fighters" type sightings the most remarkable accounts were of the saucer, cigar, or circular shaped objects which possessed phenomenal flight capabilities, extraordinary speeds and evaded radar.

The war was over but unconventional aircraft were still being reported all over the world. In 1946 'ghost rockets" were observed over Scandinavia. On June 24, 1947 Kenneth Arnold coined the term "flying saucer" with his sighting over Mount Rainier, Washington. Then in 1956 the U.S. Air Force were referring to them as "unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

As the UFO phenomenon continued, veterans of WWII realized they had seen the same type objects during the war. Testimonies of hundreds of military veterans, including the late Len Stringfield, a well known UFO researcher, concluded they were witnesses to a phenomenon which is still going on in 2007. The WWII "Foo Fighters" may have been the origin of at least some modern day UFOs.

The book contains the following: appendix, glossary, notes by chapter, copies of official documents, sighting index, index and about a dozen photos of military members and illustrations. In the early chapters of the book there is an inordinate amount of annoying geographical and spelling errors. I have no idea how such mistakes got past the author or proof-readers. Any high school student would have spotted them immediately. I will not go to the trouble to identify them individually. The reader will be quite capable of detecting these themselves.

Overall, I liked this book and thought it was a solid effort by author Chester. The manuscript gives us a detailed analysis of an area in the UFO field not often discussed. I recommend "Strange Company". It should interest a wide range of age groups, from military veterans to the novice Ufologists.

James E. Delehanty  ASD South/FI Indiana MUFON     26 August, 2007

The Disturbing Case About the UFO Cover-up

By Robert M. Collins with Richard C. Doty and Timothy S. Cooper as contributors

ISBN: 0-9766426-3-82006
Peregrine Communications, 865 Helke Rd., Vandalia, OH 45377
Soft Cover, trade paperback192 pages $21.00 including postage and handling

During a Coast-to-Coast AM radio program with George Noory, I heard the interview with Robert Collins on his book "Exempt from Disclosure". A former Air Force intelligence officer, Collins, along with contributing writers Richard C. Doty and Timothy S. Cooper, set out to substantiate evidence support the case for a UFO cover-up.

There seems to be two chief components which makeup the UFO mystery. The UFOs themselves and the united efforts of world governments who have been aware of this contact for some sixty years and have conspired to keep it secret.

In early 1986, the writers began to seek out other individuals who had knowledge of the UFO/alien subject. The group had regular meetings and discussions and eventually the "UFO Cover-up Live" television program aired on 14 October, 1988. This led to several new high-level contacts deep within government/military intelligence operations and the story began to unfold. It seemed that there was an enormous amount of circumstantial evidence that supports the reality of UFOs.

On the heals of the documented recovery of a fallen alien craft in New Mexico, July 1947, Operation Majestic-12 was established on 24 September, 1947. The goal of this select group was to exploit everything they could from recovered alien technology. However, it was the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who covertly maintained the secrets gleaned form USAF studies. This was the era of the "cold war" and the CIA was very cognizant of Soviet espionage agents seeking any and all technical/scientific information on advanced technologies.

Co-author Richard Doty, a retired USAF MSgt., was with the Air Force Office of Special Investigation, (OSI) during his 20 year career. Doty was a security police officer, recruited into the OSI in May 1979. During his many briefings, he read a document that provided information on captured aliens (EBE), U.S. government involvement in the investigation of UFOs, and "Project Aquarius", whose purpose is to collect scientific, technological, medical, and intelligence information from UFO/IAC (identified alien craft) and contacts with alien life forms.

Toward the middle section of this book the reader gets a riveting account of intelligence reports on captured UFOs, EBEs, and alien devices that our top scientist find incomprehensible and cannot figure out how they work. Included in this part of the manuscript are illustrated drawings, a comprehensive summary of the physiology, characteristics, and the anatomy of the aliens. There is reason to believe there are several different species of aliens visiting this planet.

The always mysterious and controversial Min-in-Black come under discussion and re believed to be members of an obscure unit under the operational authority of what is now known as Air Intelligence Agency located at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. (The book actually shows the former name: Air Force Intelligence Command at Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, which was closed in July 2001).

Situated ten miles northeast of Dayton, Ohio is Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, one of the largest in the U.S. Air Force. This sprawling complex installation has been connected with the UFO enigma since rumors suggested recovered alien artifacts were brought here in July 1947. "Hanger 18" is more a product of folklore, urban myth, and fictional movies, but the authors show evidence to support a series of buildings, underground storage vaults, an tunnels located for the most part in "Area B" of the base.

The section designated as "What Lies Beneath" in the book provides the reader with numerous photographs, drawings, and diagrams. Throughout my own 21 year USAF career, I had about a dozen occasions to have temporary duty assignments (TDY) at Wright Patterson. Whenever there, I found myself wondering what astonishing secrets are hidden on and below this vast government property?

The final chapters examine underground areas at Los Alamos National Laboratories, New Mexico. Commonly referred to as the "Dulce Complex", a black budget facility used as a safe-house for EBEs and reverse engineering. Copies of scientific intelligence reports bring to light testing, analysis, and thorough study of an alien energy device. This contrivance defied all standard principles and could not be duplicated by our technology. The other more well-known testing facility is at Area 51/S4. The authors give us a brief history and origin of the Groom Lake, Nevada site and believe NASA was involved in reverse engineering propulsion work here dating back into the 1950s.

Most knowledgeable students of Ufology are familiar with the Cash-Landrum case (29 December, 1980, Huffman, Texas). Rick Doty and others believe that this was one of our reverse engineered craft gone out of control. A primitive attempt by the U.S. government to use antigravity as a propulsion mechanism.

The authors reveal an on-going concerted effort by the U.S. government to research, develop, and produce a technology based on what they have learned from reversed alien technology. According to Rick Doty, between the years 1965 through 1978 the United States had an exchange program with the aliens. The code name was "Project Serpo" and it involved twelve U.S. military members in various specialties.

If some readers feel they have seen some of the names of personnel, installations, projects and copies of documents in a previous publication, you are indeed correct. Back in 1989, Linda Moulton Howe's superb work "An Alien Harvest" featured chapters on "Government knowledge/Military Voices". Co-author Richard Dorty was a prominent figure in that book.

This publication has broken new ground and pushed the frontiers of the UFO phenomenon, but as author Robert Collins states "we must realize that large volumes of UFO information still remains highly classified and "Exempt from Disclosure".

I found this book profound and intriguing. It was well researched and the few errors were just common typographical mistakes. The index, references, and footnotes were all very helpful. The three authors did a laudable job with the abundant photographs, drawings, and illustrations. Highly recommended.

James E. Delehanty  ASD South/FI Indiana MUFON     19 June, 2007

Hunt For The Skinwalker
Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah
BY Colm A Keller PhD and George Knapp
Paraview Pocket Books ISBN# 978-1-4165-0521-1
Trade Paperback, 292 Pages (Notes & Index included) Price $14.00, Date publisher 2005

This book is a true story of a family that moved into a house on a remote Utah ranch and experienced bizarre paranormal events that range from vanishing and mutilated cattle, UFO's, the appearance of huge otherworldly creatures, invisible objects emitting magnetic fields and flying orbs with dazzling maneuverability and lethal consequences.  For one family, life on the Skinwalker Ranch become a life under siege by unknown forces. Nothing else could explain the horrors that surround them --- Perhaps science could.

A first class team of research scientists goes on a disturbing odyssey into the unknown. The scientists spend hundreds of days and nights on the Skinwalker Ranch. What they found were hair-raising answers that opened the door to an unseen world around us.  Full of Native American beliefs, this book gives you a look inside a terrifying place and what it was like to live there.

Some of the experiences that the family has are truly freighting. This is a book that goes beyond what we know as everyday life.  I like this book a lot and I am looking forward to find out more about this place and what is really going on there.

(For more info on the Skinwalker Ranch visit the Utah's UFO Ranch website.

Review by Danielle Baker, Field Investigator MUFON Indiana     5 JULY 2006

On the Trail of the Saucer Spies
UFO's and Government Surveillance
Nick Redfern
Anomalist Books, San Antonio, TX  www.anomalistbooks.com  ISBN: 1-933665-10-6
Trade Paperback,  298 pages (Notes & Index included) $15.95-US; $9.95 UK

This review is on the new efforts by British authority Nick Redfern. "Sauce Spies" gives us a look at how governments seem to have a keen interest in UFOs and the people who have an intense interest in the subject. Three percent (3%)- that is the number of citizens the government admits to watching who subscribe to Ufology journals/newsletters, attend meetings/conferences, are witnesses to UFOs, or spend time with others who engage in such activities.

Government interest dates back almost sixty years with the FBI, CIA, and the military looking into crashed saucer cases, a medical doctor from Decatur Indiana who had a bizarre claim, people suspected of being anti-establishment or subversive, and research groups which were surfacing such as NICAP, APRO, etc.

During the cold war years of the 1950s and 1960s, the cult contactee movement was subjected to intense surveillance by the FBI. Tassel, Adamski, and others were among those proclaiming alien contact and linked with extreme political statements. In addition, the FBI on occasion monitored publications on the UFO subject. Official monitoring of UFO research groups in the 1950s and 60s included head of NICAP, Major Donald Keyhoe, USMC (Retired), one of the early researchers who challenged militarily censorship.

Abduction or Cosmic Kidnappings explores the reports of accounts both in the United States and Great Britain of official interest in these events. Two of the best documented cases in the U.S. (Betty Andreasson and Debbie Jordan) both divulged being monitored by mysterious black helicopters. Throughout the manuscript, author Redfern chronicles the surreptitious Men-in-Black, who have been an unrelenting part of UFO lore since the early 1950s.

In the middle portion of "Saucer Spies" the focus is on an enigmatic fascist group known as Aerial Phenomena Enquiry Network (APEN), who attempted to infiltrate and manipulate the British UFO research community between 1974 and the early 1980s. Throughout the entire period British Intelligence (Metropolitan Police Special Branch, Scotland Yard, and MI-5), monitored the activities of APEN.

It is believed that many revelations during the 1980s and 1990s were nothing less than a disinformation ploy with the purpose of being able to "muddy the waters" for serious Ufologists. On 27 October, 1992, the Dateline NBC news program aired a report on computer hackers who had the ability to bread into government and military systems. In 1994, Matthew Bevan of Wales, became the target of a major investigation by U.S. and British intelligence for hacking into the computer system at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio in search of data on UFOs.

Is the RAF facility at Rudloe Manor located in the county of Wiltshire the British equivalent of the infamous Area 51? A source revealed to well known author/investigator Timothy Good that personnel assigned here with the elite Royal Air Force Provost & Security Services (P&SS) were keeping a close watch on both UFO researchers and employees with "off beat hobbies/interest" and witnesses in reported cases.

What has become known as "Britain's Roswell" occurred in February/March 1964 near the town of Penkridge (Staffordshire). In 1996 while investigating the alleged crash, Redfern and researcher Irene Bott uncovered evidence of a surveillance operation on both prime witnesses. It seems there was on-going Ministry of Defense involvement more than thirty years later.

The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) located at Cheltenham works closely with its American counterpart, the National Security Agency (NSA). Investigator Robin Cole discovered that GCHQ was involved in the study of military-UFO encounters as far back as the early 1950s. Cole found himself placed under deep surveillance by Special Branch, Royal Air Force, and operatives within GCHQ.

Throughout the second half of "Saucer Spies" there are references to a cryptic individual author Redfern calls "The Sandman". A one time member of Special Branch who served as a confidential informant.

The final two chapters touch on common features of the UFO phenomena: cattle mutilations and crop circles. The reader will be surprised to discover what MI-5 believed the mysterious "markings on the ground" represented all the way back in World War II.

"On the trail of the Saucer Spies" gives a close examination of how government agencies in the United States and the United Kingdom subject individuals within the UFO research community (witnesses, Contactees, and abductees) to covert surveillance. The reader will find many notable UFO researchers/investigators mentioned or referred to including: the late Len Stringfield, Nick Pope, Whitley Strieber, Jenny Randles, and Jacques Valle.

The opening chapter (pages 15-16) had what I believe to be the only inaccurate bit of information. Author Redfern spoke of Benjamin Harrison Air Force Base, Indiana. Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis is an U.S. Army Post.

This book should have universal appeal. You will find that it hits all angles of government surveillance and is right on target. Each chapter flowed in a well-ordered manner and left me eager to turn the page. This positive review should wet your appetite for the all-inclusive account by Nick Redfern. I highly recommend "Saucer Spies" as your next UFO related book.

After reading this book you will find yourself in agreement with Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle who says "the government is doing everything in its power to quash interest in the subject of ufology".

So, if you are in the habit of wandering around restricted installations or military bases taking pictures/asking questions, a member of any UFO organization or paranormal study group, or have actually had a personal UFO experience, check your six. Some official bureau, department, or agency in all probability, is paying attention to your activities.

James E. Delehanty  ASD South  MUFON of Indiana  10 May 2006

Grass Roots UFOs
Case Reports From the John P. Timmerman Files By Michael Swords PhD. 
Produced by the Fund for UFO Research Inc.: UFO materials Soft cover trade paper book available from the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO studies, Price: $20.00 plus $2.00 shipping. Available at: http://www.cufos.org/Pubform.pdf

A compilation of hundreds of UFO reports of all kinds collected by Timmerman during his travels around the United States.

For a grey beard Ufologists like me this book was a real joy, a page turner to be lingered over. This is what it is all about. If we didn't the "raw reports" we would all be out of a job- or at least an avocation. But first, in order to understand the book you need a little history about how it came to be. It started with a phone call from Dallas Texas. A marketing director for the largest mall in Dallas area had a problem. They had contracted with a local Ufologists for a display of UFO material to highlight a premier showing of the Star Wars "The Empire Strikes Back" film. Due to a scheduling conflict the Ufologists could not make it and suggested that the marketing Director call CUFOS for help.

When John Timmerman (CUFOS Business Manger) heard the offer for the display, he told the Mall marketing director "For that amount we will guarantee to be at your mall on time and will present a UFO Exhibit." With Dr. Hynek providing the bulk of the material, CUFOS purchased a display system. It was decided with high visibility a permanent traveling exhibit would be produced.

Over the next twelve years the exhibit would travel from Halifax N.S. to Guam, and from Orillia Ontario to San Juan Porto Rico. Over the twelve years and the span of travel the taped reports grew to nearly 1,200. The display grew in size to a twenty panel free standing exhibit with sales table.

After the tapes were transcribed by Mr. Timmerman's assistances, Michael Swords took on the daunting task of editing and authoring the final product. To quote Dr. Swords in his introduction to the material, "The phenomenology here is honest, vividly remembered and mind expanding."

I totally agree with Dr. Swords! Check out the bibliography and exhibit travelogue at the back of the book. Highly recommended.

Jerry Sievers, State Director MUFON of Indiana  January 2006

Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men:
A Rational Christian Look at UFOs and Extraterrestrials
Dr. Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples, and Dr. Mark Clark (2002, 192 pp. plus notes)
NavPress, P.O. Box 35001, Colorado Springs, CO 80935

This is an important book that everyone interested in ufology (Christian or otherwise) should read and digest. I for one have been looking for someone with high academic credentials to really address the UFO/ET subject. This book is a significant step in that direction. The main author, Dr. Hugh Ross grew up in Canada where he challenged his parents at age 7 with highly technical questions. They sent him to the city library with his questions where he soon had an adult library card and soon after a University of Vancouver library card. At 17 he served as Director of Observations for Vancouver's Royal Astronomical Society. He also built telescopes and created Astronomy clubs which put him in touch with the UFO phenomena. He completed Doctoral studies in astronomy and physics at the University of Toronto and post Doctoral studies in the United States. At Cal Tech he did research and taught classes in quasars and galaxies.

This book is a sterling example of both introducing a topic to readers unfamiliar with the subjects and an evaluation of those subjects from both an intellectual and biblical perspective. Dr. Ross makes the statement that "The scientific community is really gullible about the question of intelligent extraterrestrial life and super skeptical about UFOs." His scientific experience however seemed to be the opposite from his colleagues and became his motivation for getting involved with UFOs. Dr. Ross says that "Of the one hundred thousands plus UFO reports, most evidence points to the phenomena as being nonphysical. Most scientist don't believe nonphysical entities can be real, yet they prefer to believe the universe is pulsating with intelligent life." (That's why we have SETI but no UFO research). Ross has become chiefly known for his research and writing in the area of "intelligent design" for the universe and the earth. He confronts the assumption that since life evolved on earth it must have evolved on other planets. His research has a host of models as to why this can not be so. Ross utilizes his scholarly background as an astronomer to set forth his cases, but his presentation is quite readable for lay persons. Ross is not just using a theologically biased opinion either. His work is his own and he also draws on the very best of the scholarly journals in astronomy.

Mike Heiser, author of "The Facade" in his review of this book states that "For extraterrestrial life proponents, their most cherished beliefs are placed squarely in the academic crosshairs by a highly credentialed astronomer and, frankly, assassinated (So much for Mr. Spock). With respect to the ETL folks, his criticisms of the commonly-argued wormhole explanation for the plausibility of deep space travel are devastating." Heiser takes exception of the two chapters in the book by Dr. Mark Clark (chs. 7-8), which purport to address the issues of government cover-ups and conspiracies for which we would suggest one see Heiser's web site. Heiser, who's review is from a peer perspective, has been a guest on the Art Bell Coast-to-Coast program 4 or 5 times since his "Facade" was published. His review can be found at  http://www.facadenovel.com

All considerations taken, the book leads to the more likely Interdimenial hypothesis for which Ross and Samples use many supported findings from the well proven General Relativity and Big Bang hypotheses. Ross has coined the phrase Residual UFOs or the acronym "RUFOs" which means 'those UFO reports left over after all others have been explained away.' Ross says "These residuals lie at the heart of all UFO questions and controversies. What the evidence suggests is that RUFOs are capable of producing physical effects but are not physical themselves. This contradicts the fundamental assumptions of science, and thus must not be glossed over lightly. Indeed it serves as a fulcrum for further evaluation of the mystery. If one wants to understand UFOs it is important to understand RUFOs better, beginning with how common they are."

(Dr. Ross was a guest on the Coast-to-Coast program on November 17, 2002. His web site is http://www.reasons.org/)

Review by Stewart Hill   SSD/FI Indiana MUFON

The UFO Evidence  Vol II- A Thirty Year Report
Richard H. Hall
ScareCrow Press Inc.

       For those of us who have the original UFO Evidence this a long awaited sequel.

        In 1964 Richard H. Hall published a large Trade Paper back book that was a landmark at the time- 17 years worth of significant sightings reports broken down in sections such as Evidence of Control, the Air Force Investigations, Congress and UFOs, problems and dangers inherent in the UFO mystery.

       The current volume is patterned after the original, but covers almost 35 years of evidence. It contains a "master chronology from "pre- 1964 to 1995." Section one is titled "Overview and Guide To Other Sections" and is a useful tool for researchers trying to find details on specific cases.

       The book has all the classic cases of course, but it also has nuggets of gold for the casual reader as well as the serious student like the Lago DeCote, Costa Rica case of September 4, 1971. Then there's the geographic survey team that while photographing terrain from an aircraft obtained an unexplained circular, disk like image. This photo was analyzed by Richard F. Haines and Jaques Vallee, two of the biggest names in ufology.

      One fault in the book is the skimpy index which will be of little help to the researcher. Also the book is poorly produced (small format, hardback with loose binding) that will give way with constant use. These are very small sour grapes when compared to the staggering amount of data and evidence the book contains.Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Jerry L. Sievers
State Director MUFON of Indiana

Capt. Edward j. Ruppelt
Summer of the Saucers, 1952
By Michael D. Hall and Wendy A. Conners
Edited by Miranda J. Emmert
Rose Press International
Albuquerque, NM
E-mail: projectsign@msn.com

       This book is a twofer. It is both a biography and a history of a flap. The authors are well known and respected chroniclers of the different periods in the history of ufology. The biography is of Capt. Ed Ruppelt most well known for his tenure as Director of Project Blue Book, the US Air Force's project for investigation of the UFO phenomena, which started a few years earlier in June of 1947.

       The book covers every thing that happened that eventful summer, and I do mean everything from press coverage across the nation to the maneuvering of the infrastructure of the Air Force during the period, including the background of all the players. It also includes current interviews with some of the major players like Al Chop who was the man at the PR desk during this period at the Pentagon.

       The centerpiece is of course the Washington DC national sightings.

        In June of 1952 UFO sightings were increasing exponentially around the world from the war torn skies over Korea to a mass witness/Radar sighting that lasted for over two hours over Indianapolis, Indiana. UFOs were ubiquitous everywhere! Then it happened; UFO's in restricted air space over Washington DC seen visually (and photographed) from the ground and recorded on radar scopes at the national airport and Andrews AFB. For several nights the UFOs were chased by interceptor aircraft based in New Hampshire. These sightings could not be explained and remain even today as unknown.

       The book contains many photographs of all the major players in this drama, as well as, aerial photos of many of the bases across the country. It also contains "chain of command" charts so you can see who reported to whom plus many appendices.

        It is an exhaustive study of a well known flap. A bio of an important figure in ufology and a must have for every ufologist and history buff.

Reviewed by Jerry L. Sievers
State Director MUFON of Indiana  28 November 2002

at Spanky Bottom  (Game)

Game Price $25.00

       This review is definitely different as its a game and not a book.

       This monopoly based game is a laugh riot and a half to play- but be warned it takes a lot of preparation (especially the first time its played). You provide the 6x8 foot playing surface. You cut and paste all buildings, trees, vehicles, UFOs, aliens, automaton animals and people. The game comes in a handy plastic container that will not be of use after you have assembled the pieces except to hold the instruction sheets, game cards and four dice. The game premise is there are three alien races that land at "Spanky Bottom," a small town and rural area. The three alien races compete to abduct as many animals and people as possible. The one with the most abductees at the end of the game wins! Each player draws a card and follows the instructions which can be tricky because some cards instruct you to make up your own!

      Many thanks to independent researcher Jeff Burnett for suggesting it and providing the game as a gift. Contact Ray Redecker, P.O. Box 1035, Ashland KY 41105 (Ray@Redecker.com/www.Redecker.com)

Reviewed by Jerry L. Sievers
State Director MUFON of Indiana   28 November 2002

UFO BRIEFING DOCUMENT by Don Berliner, et. al.; Dell Pub.

Originally intended as a private treatise to be distributed in 1995 to a select few, this book was published by Dell in June 2000.  The UFO BRIEFING DOCUMENT is the one book you hand to the next person who asks you - "UFOs - what's that all about?"  Don Berliner is a respected aviation journalist and author, who has done a splendid job of reviewing the best documented cases in "modern UFO history" - bar none.  He also includes a glossary of common terms, a resources list, and thumbnail sketches of the three major civilian organizations dealing with all things UFO.  Additionally, he lists all United States Government UFO projects and studies; which gives the lie to the statement that the US Military, Government, et. al. have no interest whatsoever in UFOs.  The feature that I liked best about this book was section three, which presented quotes from military, government officials, scientists, astronauts, etc., concerning their thoughts on the subject.

My thanks to Tom Sheets, State Director for MUFON of Georgia, for recommending this book.  Jerry L. Sievers. State Director MUFON of Indiana   28 November 2002

ALIEN AGENDA by Jim Marrs, Harper-Collins, 1997.

     "The controversy over the existence of UFOs is over. UFOs are real."  Opening with that provocative statement, investigative reporter Jim Marrs introduces us to the "Alien Agenda" with the questions: "What are they?" and "What do they want?"   This book is very comprehensive and covers everything from ancient astronauts to La Chubacabra and Remote Viewing.  However, veteran students of Ufology will find that the recapitulation of many well-known and documented cases unnecessary.  Throughout the first half of his book, Marrs takes us over old familiar territory which includes: Foo-fighters, the Arnold sighting, Roswell, the Mantell case, early USAF projects, Bob Lazar and Area 51, Hickson-Parker, Villas-Boas, Billy Meier, and the Walton, Andreasson, and Hill cases.

    I discovered two very conspicuous errors in chapters 5 and 6.  Rev. William Booth Gill was misidentified as Rev. William Bruce Gill, the Anglican missionary who had the well known sighting that occurred in Papua, New Guinea, in June of 1959.  In Chapter six, Marrs reviews the famous Bentwaters military/UFO encounter, which took place in late December 1980.  He refers to the best-known witness as Sgt. Larry Warren, USAF.  Actually, Airman 1st Class Warren had only been in the military about six months and Bentwaters was his initial assignment out of Security Specialist Tech School.  (See my review of Warren's book, Left At East Gate, elsewhere on this page).

      I found chapters 9 through 11 the most interesting in the entire manuscript.  This sections highlights two subdivisions of the UFO phenomena, Animal Mutilations and Crop Circles.  The author gives an accurate synopsis of animal mutilation cases with the focus on Linda Howe's excellent work in this area.   In chapter 11 the reader gets a look in to a field that has not received much attention until lately, Remote Viewing (RV), the ability to mentally perceive a person, place or thing from any distance by other than the five senses.  This psychic ability was studied and developed by the US military in the 1970s and Remote Viewing was a tool used by the American intelligence community.  Several government trained viewers participated in the study of crop circles and the exploration of UFOs.  The psi-spies came to realize that there are "technologies far ahead of us out there" with multiple species of extra-terrestrials involved with humanity.

     The final two chapters of the book explores the metaphysical side of the subject and I found it esoteric and rambling.  Marrs shows the results of December 1996 Luntz research poll which indicated that 70% of the Americans believe the government has covered up the facts on UFOs, Toward the very end, the author speculates why he believes there is secrecy concerning extra-terrestrial contact.

     This book contains an appendix, sources for each chapter, index and eight pages of photographs.  If you are a novice and are just beginning in the study of Ufology, this book will give you a very good indoctrination to the entire phenomena.  For the experience researcher this book does have some merit, so visit your local library for a copy!

James E. Delehanty  ASD South MUFON of Indiana 22 July 1997

by Larry Warren & Peter Robbins, Marlowe & Co., NY, NY, 1997.

     This book is the first hand account of an utterly fantastic UFO-military encounter which took place in the Rendlesham Forest located between two mafor NATO air bases (Bentwaters and Woodbridge) in Great Britain. Left At East Gate follows Larry Warren through his early life and his entrance in the USAF at the age of 19.  He arrives for duty with eh 81wt Security Police Squadron at RAF Bentwaters on 2 December 1980. Within one month he will undergo and experience that will forever change his life.  Airman Warren was on duty and was one of the witnesses as very unusual reddish lights were seen in the forest.  At around 0300 on 29 December 1980 the light exploded and turns in to a solid object, and three alien life forms are seen exiting the object.  The base commander was among the military members present that night and had a transaction of some kind with the aliens.  Warren and the other security personnel were debriefed the next morning and told not to disclose anything they had seen take place in the forest.  Air Force Security Service personnel advised them that any breach of silence would result in punishment by courts-martial.  The cover-up had begun.

    Airman Warren and another member of his flight have a clandestine meeting with some strange men and are take to a subterranean facility on the Bentwaters flight line.  He feels it is some type of alien installation.  Warren asks for and receives a discharge from the USAF in early 1981 and returns to civilian life.  He feels that the super-secret National Security Agency is responsible for the harassment, missing military records, disinformation, and the continuing efforts to destroy his credibility.  During the next several years, Warren experiences bouts of depression, substance abuse, a failed marriage, episodes of violent behavior and suicidal tendencies.  His application for a passport is denied three times, before finally issued.   He finally returns to England with his co-author, Peter Robbins, where they speak to members of the military and civilians in the area, all of whom speak freely of the events of December 1980. 

     UFOs are still seen in the area today, but the Ministry of Defence declines to comment on the sightings.  Americans left both bases in 1993, however the Woodbridge now houses Royal Army units.  Bentwaters has steadfastly been kept from public use.  Perhaps a secret is still being kept there?

     Larry Warrens has demonstrated great personal courage in his search for the truth and learning to live with his personal daemons.  His book is well researched and is found to be a very riveting read.  It contains a very detailed appendix with copies of official documents, reports, military records, and letters.  A glossary and bibliography makes understanding the military and UFO terminology easy for those not familiar with them.  There are 16 pages of glassy black and white photographs, which gives the reader an excellent perspective.  I recommend anyone with an interest to read this powerful and very intriguing story.

James E. Delehanty  ASD South MUFON of Indiana 2 May 1997

Volume II: HIGH STRANGENESS  By Linda Moulton Howe, Paper Chase Press.

     This is one of the latest works from Linda Moulton Howe, one of the top Ufologist/Investigative Reporters on the scene today.  This book expands points already made in her previous writings; that there seems to be overwhelming evidence of prolonged secrecy and censorship by the US government on all authentic UFO information.

     The first part of the book gives us reports from United States military and intelligence personnel, which are very similar in details from case to case.  Despite the official government policy  "UFOs do no exist and no federal agency is engaged in any study of extra-terrestrials or their artifacts"  information has leaked from first-hand witnesses and top secret documents. Throughout the chapter "Military Voices", copies of classified documents, training manuals and classified messages are exhibited.  Additionally, Ms. Howe takes a look at Roswell, a Montana Air Force base nuclear missile incident, the RAF Bentwaters case, the 1964 New Mexico landing case and much more.

     The UFO involvement with Bigfoot and animal mutilations is explored in chapter two.  In chapter three Ms. Howe gives us an observation of "other beings and other worlds". Examples of alien script from abductees and the EBEN agenda are discussed, but nothing is ever clear in this elusive phenomenon.

     Three abduction cases are given close scrutiny in chapter 4 and the work of Ray Fowler in the well-known Andreasson-Luca case.  There is a good amount of discussion concerning the spiritual implications associated with these bizarre cases.  I feel the most seasoned student of Ufology would struggle with this most esoteric chapter.

     The appendices have excellent facsimiles of all official government papers mentioned in the book.  I am very cognizant of the USAF regulations, messages, etc., and these all appear to be bona fide documents. A comprehensive bibliography, index, and biographical information is also included.  Linda Moulton Howe again has shown her acumen as a writer, meticulous researcher and reporter. I believe any serious student of the UFO phenomena will find this book a solid and compelling read.

James E. Delehanty  ASD South MUFON of Indiana   29 April 1998


Michael E. Salla, Ph.D., 2009
ISBN: 978-0-982-2902-0-0
Exopolitics Institute
P.O.Box 2199
Kealakekua, HI 96750
Paperback, 364 pages
$22.95 U.S.

  "EXOPOLITICS": The study of the political actors, institutions, and processes associated with extraterrestrial life." With this provocative definition, Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. , gives us an introduction to his newest book.

    The opening chapter hits the ground running with first hand testimonies by witnesses who claim knowledge of events or documents concerning secret agreements with extraterrestrial  life.  The witnesses are broken down into three distinct categories: whistleblower, civilian witness, and unconfirmed witness.

    On 20 Feb 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower is said to have had a series of secret meetings at Muroc Air Field (now Edwards AFB) in California.  He met with extraterrestrials on a range of issues which culminated with what become known as the 1954 Greada Treaty.

    Some of the specifics of this treaty involved extraterrestrials actively participating in various classified advanced projects, giving assistance to military and corporate personnel which included technologies/and or space operations.

    The rumors of an alleged joint government/extraterrestrial underground secret base near Dulce, New Mexico have become well-known since the mid 1970s.  Testimony of strange paranormal activities have come from private researchers, whistleblowers, and residents
of the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation.

    The witnesses claim a range of classified projects which included bio-genetics experiments and human rights abuses with abducted civilians.

    The author gives his views on a possible disinformation campaign regulated by the U.S. Air force.  Dr. Salla, on several occasions, refers to the Air Force OSI (AFOSI) as the "Office of Special Intelligence".  This is completely erroneous.  The proper and official title of the Field Operating Agency is " Air Force Office of Special Intelligence", with headquarters located at Andrews AFB, MD.

    The 1949 CIA Act was the cornerstone for the forceful Central Intelligence Agency to siphon money from other government agencies into its "unofficial black budget".  A colossal sum which will challenge the imagination, used for highly classified (deep black) programs and covert operations.  Projects run by the military, intelligence groups, the Department of Energy, and private corporations, related to the extra terrestrial presence.

   The Special Operations Manual SOM 1-01, dated 7 Apr 1954, was established to manage UFO crash/retrieval/disposal operations. Chapter four contains testimonies from two whistleblowers, both ex-military, who were involved first-hand in such missions. Both individuals were placed on temporary duty orders (TDY), although their military records contain no details in relation to this assignment.

    The authenticity of SOM 1-01 has been debated.  I have perused the SOM 1-01 in the book "The Majestic Documents" , By Dr. Bob and Ryan Wood.  As someone who is acquainted with military/government issued publications, this manual looks to be formatted properly.
I noticed that the USAF tech order (TO) number is listed in a factual structure.  In my opinion, this document looks bona fide to me.

    The late Lt Col Philip Corso was one who believed the Strategic Defense Initiative's (SDI) goal was a response to intrusive activity by certain extraterrestrial civilizations. The author cites reasons that using space weapons to target extraterrestrials would prove to be a foolish policy decision, if the "secret government agreements" were ever disclosed to
the public.

    In 1959 did the U.S. Government thwart a successful development of a civilian spacecraft?  In chapter seven, we learn of such a project and there is a schematic and actual photograph of this prototype which looks like a disc shaped UFO.  Known as the OTC-X1,
built by Otis T. Catt, a protégé of Nicola Tesla.

    Since the end of World War II, there seemed to be several extraterrestrial groups watching attentively the activities on earth. Multiple whistleblowers named Dr. Henry Kissinger as one of the directors of the 1955 Study Group that helped set policy on
extraterrestrial life. This was hard ball politics under Kissinger. The goal was having the United States and its allies obtaining a balance of power with the extraterrestrial visitors.

    The controversial matter of interactions via the "contactees" is addressed briefly.  However, the cases mentioned are all questionable to some point and have been debated over the years. The best asset against extraterrestrial subversion/intervention is an
informed and empowered global citizenry.  Power politics fails to be a suitable strategic response.

    At the beginning of part C, Dr. Salla discusses how “Exopolitics" will become apparent as a particular political science.  A discipline for those yearning to educate oneself on public policy issues related to extraterrestrial life.

    Divided into four phases, beginning in 1948 with early researchers like Major Donald Keyhoe, USMC  and his conspiracy theory.  The second stage, circa 1974, with the Freedom of Information Act and leaked documents.  The third phase deals with political activities and such programs as Operation Right to Know, commencing in 1992 and Dr. Stephen Greer's Disclosure Project with press conference in May 2001. Over the last several years a series of papers , books, and conferences have been used as a tool for more formal education in exopolitics to the general public.

    A "false flag operation" is a clandestine action or staged event carried out by government intelligence operatives.  The author refers to a group of four individuals who present facts of alleged false flag operations throughout history.  I found their opinions on the 9-11 attack lame, unsubstantiated, and reeking of conspiracy-like rubbish.

    The fifth exopolitical factor listed concerned the "unofficial black budget" and the association to secret extraterrestrial projects first touched on in chapter three.

    The fourth and final section (part D) begins with Dr. Salla's examination of critics regarding the credibility of the late Lt Col Philip Corso.  Eleven items that were called into question are given a systematic investigation to determine if his detractors are on target or culpable of trying to unjustly debunk this government whistleblower.

    An on line survey was conducted by the Exopolitics Institute from March 2006 - March 2007.  The feedback from 10 questions were shown by percentage, analyzed and contrasted to two previous polls by Roper and National Geographic respectfully.

    The final chapter's objective is to show how "political spin" and disinformation programs have concealed knowledge of visiting extraterrestrial races.  Dr. Salla offers the reader three scenarios on how "first contact" may be initiated.  He touches on a number of alleged "contactees", most are re-hash from chapter five. The "Serpo Exchange Program" is an engrossing anecdote, but very possibly an elaborate deception plot.

  The contact scenarios presented fall into three categories: "hostile", "friendly though enigmatic", and extraterrestrial who have not previously entered into secret agreements with government/military intelligence organizations.  The author refers to some UFO sightings over Mexico City, Mexico whose credibility has been questioned after their commercial exploitation on the local television program "Terser Milenio".

    The book is divided into four parts and contained helpful endnotes at the completion of each of the thirteen chapters. There is an index, along with a biography of the author.

    I will point out a few errors not alluded to in the review.

    The observations and facts presented in this book will have a profound and penetrating effect on some people.  Specific segments will have the reader on the edge of his/her seat.

    For the seasoned ufologist, they will be acquainted with the absorbing subject matter.  If you are like me, it will be your introduction to the discipline of exopolitics.  A well documented manuscript and recommended for any individual interested in history, political science, or the UFO phenomenon.

James E. Delehanty  ASD MUFON of Indiana     18 Sept 2010

CRASH: When UFOs Fall From the Sky

A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies and cover-ups

2010, By Kevin D. Randle PhD.
ISBM: 978-1-60163-100-8
The Career Press Inc.  #3 Tice Road P.O. Box 687 Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
Paperback  360 pagesPrice:  $16.99

I was first introduced to the subject of UFO crash/retrievals in 1978. The late Leonard Stringfield, the pioneer in this fascinating aspect of ufology, made reference to such cases in his book “Situation Red: The UFO Siege” and subsequent “Status Reports”.

Thirty-two years later, Kevin Randle, former military officer and well known investigator/researcher has written  a comprehensive examination employing his own fact-finding and material compiled by Stringfield and others. The book contains ten chapters which go in sequence from pre-1947 to 2009. “Crash” begins with reports from the late 19th century including the well documented “airship” wave of 1987 up to the “ghost-rockets” sightings in Scandinavia July-November 1946.

As the reader makes his/her way through the first two chapters, they will quickly understand what Len Stringfield meant when he titled one of his crash/retrieval reports as “Search for Proof in a Hall of Mirrors”. These early reports were plagued by a rats nest of inconsistencies, second hand-friend of a friend accounts, normal atmospheric phenomena such as meteors/bolides, and deliberate hoaxes. The pre-Roswell chapter focused on two specific cases that both involved individuals of dubious character and have been revealed as hoaxes.

The 31 may 1947 Nogal Canyon, New Mexico report fueled the now notorious and fraudulent “Alien Autopsy”  of Ray Santilli. The following month, about three weeks later, Ray Palmer used a report out of Maury Island, Washington in an attempt to breathe life into his near destitute science fiction magazine “Amazing  Stories”. Author Randle exposes a convoluted tale involving others with their own agendas, solely to perpetrate a hoax.

Whenever the noteworthy July 1947 Roswell, New Mexico event comes under discussion, we seem to have a mix of misinformation, errors, and a multitude of witnesses. As a result, this has muddied the waters. “Crash” devotes over twenty-five pages to the story. It is the best researched case with many reliable witnesses and documentation. A story that is quite plausible and isn’t resolved the Air Force Project Mogul explanation.

Conversely, the planes of San Agustin case, which is often connected to Roswell, is scrutinized and the reader will find the story collapses with no solid evidence and highly questionable key witnesses.

The middle portion of the book consisted of a hundred pages which encompassed the period of October 1947 through December 1964. A total of three dozen reports include twelve from outside the continental United States. During this timeframe UFO reports were being looked into by the Project Blue Book program. However, it became evident the U.S. Air Force was more interested in finding justification of these sightings and not earnest investigation.

The focal point of chapter seven is one of the best documented cases. At 16:47 hours on 9 December 1965, something unknown hit the ground in the small village of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, some fifty miles southeast of Pittsburgh. According to witness, the object was acorn shaped and came down in a wooded area. The site was quickly surrounded by police, fire, and military personnel who presided over a recovery operation. The reader is taken step-by-step through a all-inclusive account of this case that has too many facts to be discarded.

Author Randle joins forces with Canadian investigators Chris Styles and Don Ledger to relate the most intriguing story of the 4 October 1967 incident at Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia. This case involved officials from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Royal Canadian Navy and Air Force, the U.S. Air Force, and even some accounts of a Soviet submarine on the scene.

The three final chapters are comprised of some thirty reports spanning over fourty tears (1968-2009) with 65% of them originating on foreign soil. I was familiar witlh a few of the reports from reading Len Stringfield’s work.

We discover a wide medley of accounts which include: hoaxes, identified debris (space junk), meteors, manufactured aerial vehicles or experimental aircraft and the classic “unknowns” under military custody. There was even on isolated report out of Arizona in 1992 that sounded like a story-line of some half-witted movie.

“Crash” perused a little more than one hundred reports. There were obvious mistakes, hoaxes, and some more mundane “down to earth” explanations. However, the author did an admirable job of separating these from the truly important cases with some rational, solid research. The book contained just a few minor “typo” errors. There are some two dozen black and white photos, mostly 2-3 inches wide, of individuals and landscapes throughout the ten chapters. I would have included some maps to help familiarize the reader with the geographic locations of reports with the highest merit. There is a bibliography and index which is always beneficial.

I have read previous books by Kevin Randle and find this one equivalent to his past high standards. Prior to this publication, the subject matter of crashed UFOs had only been explored in-depth by the aforementioned “Status Reports” of Len Stringfield over twenty years ago. As the author states: “the research is ongoing and often quite complex”. I recommend his new book. “Crash” will give the reader a contemporary, well-informed observation of this occurrence.

James E. DelehantyASD MUFON of Indiana     8 July 2010

APPALACHIAN CASE STUDY: UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters & Unexplained Phenomena

Volumes 1 & 2
Author: Kyle Lovern
Volume 1 100 pages, ISBN 978-9793236-6-9  2008
Volume 2 149 pages, ISBN 978-9824939-3-9  2009
Woodland Press LLCChapmanville, WV 25508
Trade paperbacks cost: $12.95 & $15.95 respectfully

The Appalachian region has a long history of unexplained, bizarre happenings. Both the “Braxton County Monster” and the legendary “Mothman” incidents took place in West Virginia. The area has asso had numerous reports of UFOs in the last fifty years. A pioneer in Ufology the late Gray Barker and famed researcher/author Budd Hopkins were both born in the mountain state. The author uses this foundation in a two volume examination of the UFO phenomenon in and around his home state.

The Volume 1 case study concentrated on sixteen selected UFO encounters which transpired between 1952 and 2002 with five reports originating in Mingo County of WV. The author interviewed various in-state witnesses who described their encounters in great detail. At the end of this volume there is a chapter devoted to the author’s one-on-one meeting with renowned nuclear physicist and preeminent UFO researcher, lecturer and author Stanton T. Friedman.

The only conspicuous error I found was where the author mad reference to the famous Parker-Hickson case. This event in Pascagoula, Mississippi took place on 11 Oct. 1973, not on the 10th as reported. Furthermore, the entities were “robot” type which was not made clear. A quote on page 85 attributed to U.S. astronaut Story Musgrave had his name shown as “Musgrove”.

Initially in Volume 1 the author focused on sightings only in the state of West Virginia. In Volume 2 he expands his coverage to incorporate three other states adjacent to the Appalachians.

I felt two of the most compelling accounts were by a group of hunters near Warm Springs, Virginia (Bath County) in the mid 1960s and a UFO/CSX train confrontation near Paintsville, Kentucky in January 2002. There is a boiled down version of three notable events from UFO history which took place in Kentucky.  The Mantell crash on 7 Jan. 1948, Kelly-Hopkinsville farm close encounter 21-22 Aug. 1955, and the 6 Jan. abduction of three women near Stanford, KY.

For edification I will clarify a couple of details that were in error or omitted. The three women were from Liberty, KY (not Stanford) and they were driving home on route 78 (not route 73) when they saw the UFO on mile from Stanford. One of the witnesses, E. Thomas died in 1978.

The final chapter in Volume 2 gives a glimpse of stories, legends, folklore and tribal history of Cherokee Native Americans and their link to the “Star People” or “People From the Sky”.

An afterword speculates on government knowledge and the possibility of disclosure in the future.

Throughout both volumes there are a couple dozen illustrations and photographs. Most of them seem to be generic and not pertinent to the specific cases presented. I give a case in point on the well-known August 1955 case at the Sutton Farm near Hopkinsville  KY (Chapter 15). There were no depictions of the small, bizarre creatures which were said to have terrified the families over several hours. There have been sketches of the freakish looking entities in numerous UFO publications over the years and are easily accessible.

There is no index in either volume of Case Study. Each volume is less than 150 pages and the subject matter encompasses only one particular territory. Consequently such an index is not essential. It would have been helpful to have included a series of maps to familiarize and pinpoint the geographic locations.

Both volumes may be purchased separately but I suggest purchasing them together. They complement each other and provide continuity for the reader. Both volumes are easy to peruse and digest. Thje manuscript is double spaced, chapters are short and concise. Any reader with an interest in the UFO phenomena, especially the Appalachian region will find “Case Study” an entertaining read.

James DelehantyASD MUFON of Indiana     29 January, 2010


A Paranormal Investigator's Explorations Into the Hidden Abduction Epidemic

Llewellyn Publications 2143 Wooddale Dr. Woodbury, MN 55125-2989
Author: Philip Imbrogno

I was first introduced to Philip Imbrogno when I read the book he co-authored "Night Siege", on the Hudson Valley, New York UFO wave of the early-mid 1980s. In his new book, "Ultraterrestrial Contact", he investigates the most bizarre aspects of the UFO phenomenon.

The book opens with a look back over sixty years to the reporting of silver disc shaped objects and the emergence of triangular UFOs. The author then relates some encounters during the Hudson Valley flap, including a verified sighting over the Indian 'Point Nuclear complex. He closes this opening chapter making the reason that UFOs do not behave in similar fashion and the beings people have reported having contact with also exhibit very different behavior toward humans.

There are selected reports of black triangles seen worldwide from 1986 to 2008. In some 512 cases during this twenty-two year period, a significant number (124) were reported hovering around or above bodies of water (lakes and reservoirs).

The long chapter three concentrated on the "Contact Phenomenon", which was broken down into five sub-categories. As an example of the Close Encounter of the Third Kind, the famous Officer Lonnie Zamorra case in Socorro, New Mexico was reviewed. Other sub-categories with examples included: telepathic connection, entity communication, alien abduction, and channeling. All of these categories will be familiar to the reader with knowledge of Ufology.

The arcane rambling of witnesses Dean, Mark, and Lois and their implausible claims via channeling lost me quickly. I have never bought into this channeling. I saw a demonstration of it about twenty years ago and thought it was complete rubbish. To me, this channeling is nothing more than like a process exp10ited by fortune tellers everywhere. A simple psychological trick of creating a convincing illusion by using imagination, feeling their way along, steering in a direction, and playing the odds.

The middle of this book contains two chapters from Mr. Imbrogno's own investigations into the "high strangeness" category of abductions (Close Encounters of the 4th Kind). An overwhelming number of abductions take place in the dead of night (estimated at over 80%). There are striking similarities in events and descriptive content. The testimony of eight witnesses include several aspects associated with such cases: psychological trauma, missing time, visions of an examination room, memories of types of alien beings, electromagnetic effects, sleep disturbance/ nightmares, and poltergeist activity.

In chapter six, we are introduced to a new variety of entities in connection with UFOs in the Hudson Valley region. The legends of little creatures such as: gnomes, elves, and leprechauns in New York's

Catskill Mountains, go back to Native Americans and the Dutch settlement. The reports of the more widely known "Bigfoot" sightings go back over one hundred years. Are these limited contacts with interdimensional creatures who gain access from portals scattered around the globe? For a detailed look into the uncommon types of reports in the Catskill's, see the fine book "Little People" by Ron Quinn (Galde Press,2006).

Mr. Imbrogno reminds us that there are several places on earth which seem to serve as such portals to dimensions adjacent to our own. Most people are familiar with: Mount Shasta, California, the Bermuda Triangle, the Dragon's Triangle (Pacific), and Stonehenge. In Putnam County, New York, located in the Hudson valley, Ninham Mountain has an intriguing history of UFO sightings. The descriptions of these lights are almost identical to Native American Shamans experienced.

In southeastern Massachusetts an area known as the "Bridgewater Triangle" has a long history of paranormal activity (UFOs, Bigfoot, and ethereal beings). Ranging from Abington on the north, North Rehoboth to the west, and Mahomek on the east, this area covers some 160 square miles. Both locations contain stone chambers and pre-Columbian/Celtic structures. The author speculates these areas of negative magnetic anomalies are where dimensional portals are most likely found. I would have included maps of both Putnam County, New York and the Bridgewater Triangle to provide the reader the exact geographic locations.

Later in the book we are again subjected to more of these "messages" which seem to be derived from traditional metaphysical occult philosophy. I do not believe that a series of cataclysmic disasters will occur on 21 Dec 2012 and initiate the "end of the world as we know it". This brings to mind all the anticipation of Y2K catastrophes that some envisioned, but never transpired. Another chapter which I found hard to digest was the one dealing with alien symbols and language. I had seen such examples previously, but never any interpretation. The so-called "translation" of these script samples sounded to me like a collection of New Age meaningless babble.

Mr. Imbrogno states that some researchers believe the government is trying to interfere with their investigations and suppress them. However, except for one instance (Indian Point Nuclear Plant), no agency has ever tried to prevent him from doing UFO research.

Was the government directly involved with the chaotic and ludicrous "UFO Cover-up Live" television program in October 1988? The testimony of a so-called government witness made many viewers find the study of the phenomenon look irresponsible and frivolous.

The author conducted an investigation at Stewart International Airport located in Newburgh, New York. I thought some of his facts were in error and there is no real secret of what goes on there. The New York Air National Guard has been flying C5A Galaxy cargo missions out of the base for some twenty years. I knew personnel at Stewart during my career. This base is still very much in operation and as far as I know, the main tenant is the New York Air Guard's 105th Airlift Wing, not the U.S. Navy.

The controversial MJ-12 issue is touched on and the author gives his own opinion. Whether the documents are real is subject to conjecture. Some Ufologist believe them to be genuine, others insist they are bogus. I fall into the "inconclusive" category and file this matter in my "gray basket".
The final chapter is an analysis using statistics based on Mr. Imbrogno's investigations of contact cases spanning a period of almost thirty-five years. Five charts (2 pie & 3 graph), displayed specifics of both male and female cases, physical evidence, types of beings seen, and time. He concludes that the contact phenomenon is bona fide and is increasing worldwide.

In the Appendix there is a register of UFO-Paranormal groups and publications. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) had the incorrect address shown (Morrison, CO.). MUFON is currently located in Greeley, Colorado and the director is Mr. Clifford Clift. I was very curious seeing an entry for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) in Savanna, Illinois. APRO was one of the pioneer UFO groups founded in 1952. They were located in Tucson, Arizona and published a monthly periodical (Bulletin), but this organization has been defunct since 1988. There is a Bibliography, a list of eight books for recommended reading and an Index. There are over a dozen illustrations throughout this volume.

I call your attention to some facts that need some clarification or I found to be in error.

Ch-1. The wingspan of a USAF C5A is actually 222.8 feet, not 212 feet.

ch-2. Castle Air Force Base, located in Merced, California has been closed for a long time. It was about 125 miles northwest of Porterville, CA., not really "in the area".

ch-2. I would have questioned the two witnesses on their statement. A fast-paced walk of forty-five minutes would cover about three miles. It is impossible for the two individuals to have run this distance in "less than 10 minutes" as they claim. It would take a world-class Olympic distance runner about 13 minutes to cover this much territory.

ch-3. The author spoke of a dog as a "Shetland Collie". Although this breed looks like a miniature Collie, the proper AKC designation is "Shetland Sheepdog", or commonly referred to as the "Sheltie".

ch-11. Mr. Imbrogno makes a good point with his note at the bottom of page 260. The date of the alleged landing at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico and subsequent meeting with military staff and scientist is most likely in error. The date usually recognized as accurate is 25 April 1964, 0600 hours.

ch-11. The USAF C5A Galaxy is larger than a Boeing 747 by about sixteen feet.

I had heard Mr.Imbrogno's interview on the Coast-to-Coast AM radio program. I was acquainted with his background and previous work, so I was interested in his new endeavor.

In trying to provide an overall assessment of "Contact", we need to breakdown the book. Some of the chapters contained original and novel material which was totally absorbing. A few chapters re-examined some aspects of Ufology that most seasoned readers will identify handily. Then there were the esoteric segments, which are at best inconclusive. As indicated in the review, I had trouble getting my head around the "script writing" and dismissed the "channeling" entirely.

I have found numerous authors at no time go to the trouble answering letters from interested persons. Mr. Imbrogno being agreeable to correspond with his readers reflects credit on himself. I am looking forward to his reply from my comments and questions on "Contact".

James E. Delehanty  ASD MUFON of Indiana7 March 2011

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