Toward Altered Realities

By Stewart Hill  State Director, Indiana Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network               December 2010

When I first began this paper for publication in the White Crowe in the summer of 2010 and then again in late fall, I had little idea what revelation was about to pop in Indiana and what twists it would be taking up to the present time. For some time now a few of us in Indiana MUFON have held to the belief that there is “more” to the UFO phenomena than that of the extraterrestrial hypothesis held to by main stream Ufology. Through our investigations and research that “more” appears to point more toward paranormal aspects which is what this article is about.

In the July 2010 issue of the Mutual UFO Network UFO Journal, the Journal editor published a report on the results of a MUFON study titled “Omega 3: Revelation or Revolution.” This study addressed the characteristics of those persons purporting to have had alien abduction encounters including lost time events and addresses the question if such persons shared any common traits. The article references a study group of three researchers who were able to recreate a 1990 Study on ‘UFO encounters’ by Kenneth Ring and C. J. Rosing(1). There’s little on the internet on Ring and Rosing’s Omega study but there are a few references to Ring’s near-death studies(2, 3, 4, 5) for which he is well known. An “Editor’s Note” in the August MUFON Journal stated a copy of the MUFON Omega 3 study was available which was obtained by this writer. From my view point these studies are more than huge since they addressed the alien abduction subject for the first time from a truly scientific study perspective and one which could only be overturned by future research showing flaws in the studies. Additionally there was book published by Ring in 1990 titled The Omega Project but which is now out of print. The subtitle was Near-Death Experiences, UFO Encounters and Mind at Large, indicating the mind has much to do with the study.

Here in Indiana we have one nationally known alien abduction case from the 1970’s.   Over the last several years, with one the exception, a number of Indiana cases tended to indicate that the alien abduction phenomena seemed to be present but little strong evidence was coming forth. Then in March of 2009 a case broke which had strong indications of abduction and lost time issues. At the time we held a strong opinion for an abduction scenario which the witness did allude to but choose to hold back some historic details. Also involved in this case was the witnesses 1990 SUV in which he was abducted and which showed strange magnetic signatures. In 2010 the witness chose to relate details on a family generational alien abduction history which has now been published in the MUFON Journal (October/November 2010 issues). This case is now the longest multigenerational alien abduction occurrences known. Also in 2010 a young northern Indiana man sought regressive hypnosis through MUFON for a missing time occurrence during a triangular craft event over his home when he was twelve years old. The one exception case alluded to above concerned a 1960’s abduction of a man in northwest Indiana in a pickup truck (still owned by the witness) and which to this day shows unusual magnetic signatures. Additionally in 2010 we also have had several cases which show probable abduction evidence something that has not occurred prior years. 

The MUFON “Omega 3: Revelation or Revolution” study comes 19 years after the 1990 Ring and Rosing Omega Study, which it successfully recreated. The Omega 3 study started in 2009 and was led by Robert B. LaLieuvre PhD. Unfortunately Dr. LaLieuvre passed away in December of 2010 from pulmonary complications and his passing leaves a questionable gap for the future of such studies. Strangely Dr. LaLieuvre’s passing comes six years after the death of Dr. John E. Mack(6) an M.D. and psychiatrist who also worked with the Abduction phenomenon and abductees. Dr. Mack also found no obvious pathologies with the abductees he worked with which supports the Omega studies. A third researcher who holds to altered realities is Jacques Vallee, PhD(7) an astronomer from France who tracked early artificial earth satellites. After destruction of his data by his superiors Vallee came to the U.S. where he ultimately worked with Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the U.S Air Force Blue Book UFO consultant. Vallee gained fame for his work in ufology and is today considered by many to be the foremost ufologist. While still living, Dr. Vallee discontinued his work in ufology in the 1990s sighting the “circus like atmosphere” surrounding the phenomena as his reason on the Coast-to-Coast AM radio program in 2007.  He has since returned in a limited matter by co-authoring a book “About the Wonders in the Sky: Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times, and Their Impact On Human Culture, History, and Beliefs.” Taken collective above, researchers almost leave a gap which almost appears on one level to be strange to say the least. Their work however makes for a strong statement which few others can counter but as has occurred can be ignored or construed to mean whatever one wants.

The 1990 Ring-Rosen study compared near-death experiencers with UFO experiencers. They found three conditions frequently present for these experiencers. They reported experiencers showed early paranormal experiences with heightened sensitivity to altered states of consciousness. Second they experienced emotional conflict, abuse and trauma during childhood. Third subjects were found to rely on “dissociation” as a coping skill for stressful situations. While these are conditions that are not particular wanted, a surprising follow up for these experiencer’s were significant changes in their psycho-physiological functions. Attitudes, beliefs and values changed along with shifts from traditional religious beliefs to a universal-spiritual belief system. This occurred If experiencers did or did not have previously religious beliefs. If they had a previous system many seem to be in a more ‘in-between’ state. They indicated increased concerns for the welfare of the Earth and ecological matters. Surprisingly to the researchers experiencers were found to have strongly increased interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial life. The report states similarities among experiencers far outweighed differences. This writer notes that these situations have been seem during in-depth abduction investigations within Indiana.

The Omega studies go on to sight research on the human temporal-lobe and how that may relay to abductions and the ever-more referred to Sleep Paralysis syndrome(8). This was given in a Personal Philosophy Inventory (PPI) published in the Journal of Research in Personality. The PPI assesses temporal-lobe sensitivity and heightened reactivity in anomalous events such as near-death and UFO encounter experiences. The PPI is a true-false test addressing the temporal lobe involvement in a variety anomalous and extraordinary experiences. It predicts with high confidence experiences that range from the mundane to the sublime, from the earthly to the spiritual. The studies also point to the temporal lobes(9) and the limbic system(10) as the major sources of such encounters and when taken with other studies indicate temporal lobe and complex partial epilepsy signs may well predict access to anomalous experiences. It is interesting that signs of epilepsy and/or seizure-like symptoms are sighted in the report. This writer knows one person who on occasion may suffer from several epilepsy seizures a day. When a seizure occurs, it occurs instantaneously with the person passing out where ever they are currently at. Upon recovering they typically have no memory of the event occurring and they are prone to confusion. In every sense of the description there appears to be a parallel here. Whatever the case epilepsy tells us we have the probability of exposure of our brain to temporary disturbed functions caused by abnormally or perhaps externally excited electrical signals. The studies do not allude to this but it is there all the same and may well be at the base of the following.

We may not all embrace scientific studies as a favorite subject but here the temporal-lobe is given credence as a controlling human emotional source and just may play a role in a key emotional interface to the spiritual side of our experiences. Many in Ufology seem to dislike the scientific method but it’s at the base of MUFON’s mission. At its root the scientific method today mainly emanates from research centers on the thousands of university campuses around the world and has been around for at least a 150 years. Its main theme is that of naturalism(11) and is heavily based in Darwinian Evolution(12). This is an atheistic concept which denies belief in the existence of deities and which places the paranormal in a box of human emotions. This is something that seems to get confused as it regards ufology. If there are space aliens they needed to have a beginning somewhere and the Theory of Evolution holds to answer that. The scientific method holds that answers can be found to anything given enough time and technological development. It is a system based on belief and not fact. Not even the simplest of living microbial cells has yet been truely created from basic matter in the best of Laboratory environments. Yet it is considered to “just happen” in nature(13).

There are other research centers ran by governments and large businesses around the world but they are staffed by humans trained by the university centers no matter where they are in. But it’s this strong naturalism base which reflects the concept of ‘control’ in the world which we come up against time and again. This control only accepts certain suppositions which come against it. Ufology and the paranormal in particular are two of the unacceptables as we all know. How can this be? What lies behind such a dominate conception or cultural tendency?

There is an array of associated cultural movements which arose from far-reaching changes to Western society in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century’s and have become known as the modernism(14). Three modernism philosophical  Epochs actual have been defined; premodernism, modernism and postmodernism(15). These are dominant philosophical systems referenced to in particular time periods. It is most strange how such systems can come to be so dominate in human culture. There seems to be some human drive to establish certain cultures with boundaries along the time periods in history. Modernism was primarily concerned with principles such as identity, unity, authority and certainty. Postmodernism(16) is often associated with difference, plurality, textuality, skepticism and globalization. Today the philosophy of postmodernism is not really new in human culture. What is known as Sophism(17) plagued the earlier philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle in their time. Socrates had a particular view for knowing truth and reality(18) as some of us knew it growing up in the 40’s and 50’s. Sophism has more agreement with the 21st century of postmodernism views. Sophism seems to be a 2,400 year backdrop for postmodernism. Most of us don’t know what our great-grandparents were like let alone our great-great-grandparents (only three or four generations removed). Yet there seems to be some human establish cultures which were present thousands of years previously. Is this some instinct that has come down through 120 generations to raise up again or is there something else going on here?

Other than the Omega studies the only other detailed studies for persons having UFO encounters includes “The Abduction Experience: A Critical Evaluation of Theory and Evidence” by Dr. Stuart Appelle(19). This is a scientific study in pdf format with introduction abstract from the 1990s and reflects the thinking at that time. Another site is “Toward an Explanation of the UFO Abduction Phenomenon”(20), also from the 1990s. Yet another web site is “UFO Abductions: A Powerful Emotional Experience”(21). This site however just gives general information which is well known to those who follow the subject. These reports, all scientific in nature do not reflect the kind of study believed needed now by segments in the UFO community driven by the findings of current day investigation work.

The MUFON Omega 3 study used ‘childhood experiences data’ to measure fantasy-proneness, sensitivity to alternate realities and early psychic experiences to give a deep dive into abductee traits. Not surprisingly to this writer, persons with experiences in the subtle energies(22) also have frequent psychophysical experiences such as light sensitivity, neurological functions, emotional and mood fluctuations, mental awareness and psychic abilities. Dr. LaLieuver alluded to this somewhat in a 2010 MUFON Radio interview with Rick Wood(23). I’ve saved this for last because the interview is extensive but the MUFON Radio link has currently been discontinued for unknown reasons. The interview web site is still up but may be corrupted and may cause computer problems. Dr. LaLieuver states in the interview that the phenomena may be large and that it exists in a large middle ground and is available to anyone to find with the “right life’s experiences”. He suggested these belief systems exist outside of Western culture as reviewed above and is rejected by it for that reason. He goes on to site many cultures including Islamic and native American who in one way or another subscribe to its various different aspects. He alluded “there is no empirical evidence for it but that today’s quantum physics of parallel realities of 12 dimensions, multiverse concepts, and dark matter force real possibilities. There are tools now being developed to explore these realities and we will be hearing more about them in future years.” 

Asked if he believed if the saucer or craft was physically real Dr. LaLieuver said “no” but alluded that aliens are not just in the witness head either, that there is an “alien other” presence which includes the craft. He stated that the witness must be willing to experience the craft and the alien, either consciously or unconsciously. The Omega data shows the aliens are sensitive to these persons and that the alien and the craft cannot discharge its function without the observer or witness. The function can but may not include lost memory, time dilations, and spatial dimensional effects. There is a sensitivity in the human, and a sensitivity in the alien other and when those match up those are the people who have the experience. There are any number of avenues that can occur but then that’s Ufology. Each report we see is different, each description is different. There are close similarities but no two are exactly alike.

Not Surprising to this writer all this is in keeping with my experiences with the Reiki but more so with healing touch (the subtle energies). There is quite bit that can be found on these subjects but I’ve found Barbara Brennen’s work to provide the best explanation to the fields of energy consciousness(24). A former NASA physicist, she has been researching and exploring the human energy fields and the realms of human consciousness for more than 30 years. Her books “Hands of Light® and “Light Emerging” are classics and are used as text books in the field of complementary medicine. Once realized, it can become apparent that there is a whole other universe out there and we are more a part of it. It is not beyond ourselves. It’s one we are normally unknowingly a part of and one that can have quite an effect upon us if we happen to be involved in any of the foregoing.

One last subject to cover here in support of the Omega studies gives the perspective that the alien others are not just a recent manifestation but one which has most likely been around since mankind has been on earth. This can be sighted from the multiple cultures of Europe to the Americas. Jacques Vallee in his writings makes a compelling argument that the folklore of every culture has a rich reservoir of stories about humanoid beings that flew in the sky, used devices that seemed advance for the time, said strangely beautiful, but often absurd things to those with whom they came into contact, and abducted humans who uniformly reported alterations in their sense of time(25). How different are these descriptions from the phenomena reported by individuals who claim sightings of space craft, interactions with extraterrestrial entities, or abductions by aliens? Vallee argues that current interpretations of UFO sightings and alien contact in terms of the extraterrestrial hypothesis are terribly narrow views of a much larger and older phenomena.

In the pod cast Dr. Robert LaLieuvre called UFO/alien presence in the lives of certain individuals the collective conciseness in all of human life and expressed it as the “Great Mandela of Life”(26). Dr. LeLieuvre’s words reminds this writer of James T. Constable’s work in “ether rain research" and the ethers far reaching affects on the earth and humanity(27).  While I researched Constable’s work extensively he was actually following in the footsteps of Rudolf Steiner and Wilhelm Reich M.D. who went before him. To say the absolute minimum, all of the above and this referenced research has been suppressed for untold years is the true Mandela of life. This far exceeds all aspects of the biological beings of humanity.

Dr. Robert LeLieuvre also gives his interpretations of UFO sightings and alien contact in the “Celtic Alien - Robert LeLieuvre.pdf, The Coming Battle.” 

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Stewart Hill is the State Director for the Indiana Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering and worked for 26 years in the medical diagnostics industry working with state-of-the-art technology and chemistries. Prior to that he worked with commercial and military electronic applications and spent six years in the U.S. Air Force working in airborne navigation. Despite a medical background he found the medical community lacking in the 1970’s and found help for his ailing spouse in alternative healthcare studying to become a herbologist, Reiki Master and Healing Touch Practitioner. First interested in UFO’s with the 1952 national wave, he lost interest when the subject of ‘flying saucers’ was discontinued in the popular media but regain interest when the Internet became an informational tool in the 1990’s. He has managed, investigated, researched and documented hundreds of UFO reports over the last fifteen years.