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The Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana MUFON state chapters met for the first time in a Tri-State meeting on December 6, 2003 in Covington Kentucky. Approximately 80 attendees including eight Indiana MUFON members heard presentations on; recent southern Ohio and northern Kentucky UFO activity; UFO critic Jerry Black on the importance of using available scientific tools during important investigations especially the polygraph; Indiana's Roger Sugden's presentation on his involvement as a team member investigating the great lakes region crop circles this past summer (see below); and a presentation on crop circle decoding by state director Earle Benezet of Kentucky.

All chapters held the Tri-state meeting to be a success and plan to schedule another similar meeting next spring in Covington.

Saturday 12 October 2002
The Blue Jean Centre Monroe City, Indiana

For the small dedicated group of ufologist attending the October 12th meeting and symposium, the first annual Art Exhibit was a big hit. Roger Sugden ASD (Northern Indiana) has recently revived has art career and has created several modern art sculptures with an unexplained phenomena theme to many of his sculptures. He claims UFO, crop circles and ancient mounds as his inspiration for many of his pieces.

Part of Ted Phillips video presentation was also shown which featured what he termed "light puddles". These pools of light of unknown source were witnessed during a mini-flap in Missouri (location unknown). The pools featured balls of multicolored light that interfered with a video camera and moved a pickup truck by some unknown force.

Don Daily FI brought us up to date on UFO literature with his usual vigor and energy. Stewart Hill SSD (Northern Indiana) spoke on new discoveries in Science, new Exoplanets and the energy healing modalities.

After the meeting a few members traveled to Lucky Point for some tailgating and sky viewing.

It was an informative and enjoyable experience. All who attended are looking forward to coming to the Spring meeting next year which, hopefully, will take place in Indianapolis in April or May, 2003.

Jerry Sievers
State Director

(Eds note: We are told the sky watch was uneventful)


From The Vincennes Sun-Commercial
Vincennes Indiana
Sunday October 13, 2002


A hovering black triangle had a force field so powerful it knocked
out electrical power in a farmer's field when it moved closer, but
the power was restored when the black triangle moved away.

This was one story about unidentified flying objects in the
"Lucky Point" area, three miles south on Monroe City, Indiana,
which was told Saturday by Jerry Sievers, Vincennes, state
director of the Indiana Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network
(MUFON). The chapter held its fall symposium at the Blue Jean

Sievers said farmers had set up portable electric lights in the field
so they could repair some farm equipment which had broken down.
He said eyewitnesses reported the black triangle released a small
orange globe, which moved over the area for a while, then went
back inside the triangle, which then left the area.

"You take this stuff with a grain of salt, because there is no way to
prove it," said Sievers, who is a retired security guard.

Sievers said he first became enamored with unexplained aerial
phenomena after reading some books on the subject during high
school. He joined MUFON in December 1969, one year after the
organization began.

MUFON is described as an "international scientific organization composed of people seriously interested in studying and researching the phenomenon known as unidentified flying objects by combining the mutual talents, areas of expertise and investigative efforts."

Lucky Point was a "hot spot" for UFO sightings during the 1960s and 1970s, Sievers said. There are big open fields on both sides of the county road, with 10 transmission lines running through the area. He said cattle mutilations have been reported in that area, as well as UFOs interfering  with farm equipment.

Sievers said his own experience with UFOs at Lucky Point can on Aug. 22, 1985. He said he and a female friend saw a red light and two white lights at a 45 degree angle. The lights mad a loop over their heads, then disappeared over a ridge. He estimated the entire experience did not last more than 10 seconds.

Saturday night, following the symposium, participants headed for Lucky Point for some sky watching for UFOs.

One of the speakers during the symposium was Roger Sugden of Fort Wayne, who has created 55 separate pieces of UFO art. He occupation is aerial photography, but said he spends several hours each day creating art.

Sugden said some of his UFO art is presently displayed at Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery, Fort Wayne. Another exhibit of his work will soon open at the Midwest Museum of American Art, Elkhart.

A member of MUFON for 10 years,  Sugden said his artwork illustrates the theme of the UFO phenomenon. The art pieces he creates describe UFOs seen by others, not by himself.

Other speakers at the symposium were Don Dailey, Georgetown, on UFO literature, and Stewart Hill, Elkhart, on newly discovered planets, new science and energy healing modalities.

Photographs from the 12 October MUFON of Indiana Fall 2002 Meeting
Thanks to MUFON of Indiana member, Don Dailey for the Photographs
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Photographs from the MUFON of Indiana
Spring 2001 Meeting at Fort Wayne, Indiana
Thanks to MUFON of Indiana member, Don Dailey for the Photographs
At Right from left to right:  James E. Delehanty, Assistant State Director (South); Jerry L. Sievers, State Director MUFON Indiana; and Roger Sugden, Assistant State Director (North).
Left: Speakers, Wendy Ban and Don Weatherby, developers of WUFOD - MUFON's World UFO Database gave a presentation on the same.

Right:  Mike Ahern, News Anchor for Indianapolis WISH-TV (CBS, Ch. 8) and his wife, Sherry.  Mike often reports on UFO sightings for his television station.
Wendy Ban discusses her (and Don Weatherby's) WUFOD presentations.

Left: Jerry Sievers, (center) State Director MUFON Indiana leads the 12 October 2002 state meeting.
Right: Are a few of the modern art sculptures placed on display by Roger Sugden.

Some UFO artwork on display at the Fort Wayne 2001 spring meeting.
Left: Roger Sugden, ASD (North) describes some of his modern art sculptures with an unexplained phenomena theme.
Alien head art seemed to be everywhere?