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When one seriously studies the UFO phenomena it is difficult to exclude paranormal activity since it sometime seems to parallel UFO activity in one aspect or another. It almost seems as if the biggest reason for separating the two fields is more of one's agenda than the activities of the particular fields. Thus in this vein we suggest the following  outstanding web sites of working paranormal groups in Indiana and our neighboring state of Illinois. To take these un.. interesting and er......... scary cyber journeys click on the graphic and URLs.

Midwestern Researchers and Investigators of Paranormal Activity

Midwest Ghost Hunter and Paranormal Investigators

Cross Roads Paranormal

Devils Hoof Prints

Since the middle of the dark ages there have been sporadic reports of a phenomena known as the Devils Hoof Prints or Devils Tracks. This oddity goes way back having occurred in France and Germany principally although there were sporadic reports from Spain, Belgium and the Baltic states. The hoof prints were seen and reported in ploughed  to fallow farm fields. They usually started in the middle of the field moving in a straight line usually in the direction of the cardinal points of a compass; north, west, east or south. These prints were not offset as with human leaves foot prints but rather in a straight series of prints. Typically the prints appear to be six to ten inches long with narrow points and placed approximately four feet apart.

More recently, early thru late 1960s they have been reported in the northeast U.S.; Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey- where it was reported at the same time and place as the 'Jersey Devil' (a shadowy upright dark animal seen in the Piney back woods).

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