May/June 2004 Reports
UFO sighting reports filed in May/June close to the North Central Indiana Flap Sightings
Up Dated June 6, 2004
May 31, 2004          Indianapolis, Indiana          Marion County           Time: 9:30 AM

Dancing White Lights                                                                                          Duration: 8-10 minutes

We were coming home from the grocery store. My husband and my son were Taking in the groceries through the back door of our house. I was following them with a few bags. As I was getting ready to go inside I noticed several lights dancing on this group of clouds. I figured that they were spotlights. But there were several of them and they were moving about this way and that, in circles, in straight lines. I watched them for a while because I wanted to know what they were. I didn't see a beam of light coming from the ground like you usually see when there are spotlights. I called to my husband inside the house. He came out and observed the lights also. Then shortly after my son came outside also. My son and I stood there amazed at the dancing lights. My husband continued to bring in the groceries and stopped to watch them once in a while. He wasn't as curious as we were. Every once in a while when we were watching them we would see a flash of lightning off in the distance. At least we think it was lightning. Me and my husband were looking off to the east and I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. Later when we went inside my son told me he saw a beam of light flash. He said its color was rainbow. My husband and I didn't see it but he did. While we were watching the spotlights dance on the clouds something else caught our attention. Then it appeared that five or six stars were moving to the west. Then a few of them stopped moving and the other few kept moving to the west. My husband thinks that maybe they just appeared to be moving because of the movement of the clouds. But I think they were moving themselves. Later I asked him and he isn't sure if they were or not. We stood outside watching them for what seemed to be about 7 minutes. I was so amazed that I ran inside and called my mother on the cordless to tell her about it. I was talking to her on the phone when the spotlights slowly disappeared. The spotlights disappeared as the clouds disappeared and moved off to the northeast. I also wanted to say that this isn't the first time I have witnessed ufos. When I was a teenager I had a ball of light chase me and my boyfriend on a beach in Georgia. It came in off of the water, it hovered in the air. It had a beam of light that came out of the middle of looked like a flashlight beam. It scanned from left to right; it acted as if it was searching for something.

WUFOD I..3-318

May 3, 2004          Logansport, Indiana      Cass County          Time: 10:30 PM

Cat and Mouse Game Between                               Duration: Over one hour          
Bright Light and Military Jets
I was in my house and heard jets flying around. There was a previous Sighting about a month prior that I equated the jets with. I heard the jets outside for about a half hour. Then I went outside to see what I could see. This was about 1030 pm. The jets kept flying around and seemed to be going very fast. I knew they were fighter jets. I went back inside to get my video camera. I then went back outside and began recording the jets. I witnessed and recorded one of the jets drop a flare. I thought this was odd. I walked to the other side of my carport and saw a bright light off in the distance through some trees. Houses and garages were in the way so I decided to take a drive to see if I could see the light better. I went out north on State Road 17 north of Logansport. I stopped about two miles out of town. The object was far off into the distance to the west north-west (toward Royal Center. There was a clear field next to me with a tree line at the back edge of the field. The night was perfectly clear, and there was a full moon. The object almost looked like a star or a planet that may be close and well visible. The object seemed to be 5-10 mile out from where I was. As the jets would come close to the object it would move. I caught its movement once and then partially again, and then I ran out of tape. I continued to watch the object until it just faded out. It didn't move up, down, left or right, just faded out. It was like it reversed the engines and was gone. Then the jets left. The movement I recorded when the jets came close to it was a counter-clockwise circle, then down below the tree-line, and back up and right close to its original position. I think I was pretty far away from the object because when I zoomed in on it with my camcorder it was just a bright  reddish-orange ball of light, like a light bulb almost. My camera is older and only has a 64X zoom on it. The total time that I heard the jets to when it faded out was about an hour and a half to two hours.

WUFOD I..3-298