Lucky Point Witness; 2001 Sighting Report

What I've read about the latest Lucky Point sighting seems extremely like what my husband and I experienced in 2001. The only difference as I see it, is that we video taped it. I am sure I reported it before, but we still have the video. Brian Vike Canada, extracted some still shots from our video. Whatever it was, it approached us and it did act as if it were going to land several times. It would come close to us, than go back up into the sky, and then repeat the process. At one point it was so close, and so bright that it blinded my husband briefly, and even *blinded* my video camera. Also, there was a response from local wildlife as this thing showed up. Frogs were chirping, as were the crickets etc... but when it arrived, all wild life went absolutely silent! The object took off at incredible speeds and angles when a small plane came flying over the area. The whole thing lasted maybe two minutes but is unforgettable to us. Some comments we've received; Russian debri? No, this was no Russian debri, and I bet what those folks saw wasn't either! Russian debri holds no intelligence, this did as it interacted with us.

I am now a writer of paranormal material and I am planning on doing an article about Lucky Point. It is intriguing to know that after so much time there is still activity!
I have included a copy of the still shot from the video we took. The edges of the copy have been sharpened and brought out.

What strikes me the most, is even though you cannot tell it from the still shot, the object we saw and interacted with, seems similar to what everyone witnessed on Dec 12th. In our video, you can tell frame by frame that it is a disk, with rotation underneath and a few frames in you see more lights appear around the disk. In the still shot it looks much like a ball of energy, but I can assure you it had intelligence and was much more than that! It is indeed not the only time we have experienced strange things out there, but it is the only time I talk about it because we have proof.