Sighting Report 2007 with Multiple Objects

Washington, Indiana                    Time: 7:05 pm
February 8, 2007

My friend and I took a drive and remarked how clear the skies were; noted Venus (25 - 30 degrees up from the horizon and very bright. My friend and I were in Washington driving west when we witness two orange balls (one larger than the other) at 7:05 PM (CST.) These objects were moving and appeared to be very near the Monroe City area (Lucky point is located about three miles to the southeast). I quickly found Venus which was evident and about to set; these orange balls were not Venus. Each orange ball quickly disappeared (not at the same time.) We were traveling west on a country road and saw them reappear in a different location. One orange ball was larger and quickly disappeared. When it did disappear I noticed a twinkling at the location it disappeared. My friend and I noticed about 4 - 6 other twinkling objects (which were moving.) From then on we observed frequent (5 - 7 minutes) of orange balls appearing and disappearing at approximately 15 - 20 degrees up from the horizon. During this time you could see the same twinkling after (some) of the sightings. A drawing of the most common observation (two balls) is linked.

Over the next 3 - 5 minutes we observed a series of appear/disappear events with up to three orange balls, some very close to the ground; three ball drawing linked. I then notice an orange ball, low to the horizon move straight up, bob up and down then disappear. Two or three minutes passed and we saw the large ball appear followed by 4 more in a semi-circle line and another ball appearing (six at the same time); drawing linked.

At this point we called Indiana MUFON (approximately 7:20PM Central). At approximately 7:25PM CST we observed one more orange ball appear/disappear much further south (South of Monroe City 3 miles) which was very low in the horizon. Our last observation was one of the twinkling objects which passed directly over our heads (approximately 1000 feet) at 7:28PM Central. We could not discern a sound and the object had one red light and a swirling strobe (swirling around in a circle). The strobe was very odd and we both commented how (un-airplane like) the strobe was. We could not clearly make out the shape of the object.

The object was traveling north. We waited several minutes longer and did not see any more activity (7:45PM CST). We observed orange balls at least 18 - 20 times over the 25 minutes. Sometimes the balls were stationary, some times they were moving. The largest gap in time between sightings was 4 - 5 minutes. One time a smaller orange ball seemed to be rotating around a larger orange ball before both disappeared. Our conclusion was that we were witnessing a UFO incident. Each time we observed a new orange ball we shouted "there it is, there's another one." We tried to reason away these objects as flares, meteors and airplanes. The orange balls varied in "orange" intensity. Each observation was different from the previous observation in movement and location. We did not believe they were flares due to the multiple locations (across the horizon) which we viewed these objects and the twinkling after some of the post-disappearance observations. There were no trailing tails as seen with meteors. The low altitude made us certain these were not airplanes especially when the six orange ball event happened.

MUFON US-02092007-0002