UFO Landing at Lucky Point  December 12, 2006

At 8:15 PM CST Kerry Tevenbaugh (based in Monroe City) received his first call about a UFO on or near the ground south of Lucky Point 11/2 miles. At 8:45 he received his last call, a total of 10 calls in 30 minutes.

Description: most witnesses agreed it was "larger than a shoe box at arms length" a domed disc, dark in color with three large orange lights along the edge in a triangle configuration.

First seen descending rapidly, then hovering at or on the ground behind a double row of trees. No animal reaction, no electrical interference, no physical or psychological reactions before, during, or after the event, which lasted for several minutes.  Pikes County Sheriffs office dispatched a cruiser; one witness stated she saw it from several miles away.

Details: a check with Indianapolis GCI, Fort Wayne, and Evansville proved negative  for "unusual activity" A call to the NORAD information desk was interesting, this is a direct quote
"insignificant Russian Debris" --NORAD's usual response is a curt, no-nothing.
Weather: a thunderstorm had moved thru the area approximately two hours before. 47 degrees F wind out of the  west at 6 mph. Visibility 4 miles.

Investigators Comments: " I find it interesting that most witnesses reported this UFO without prompting from other witnesses."

Director comments: It appears the final chapter of Lucky Point has yet to br written.  The witness situation is unique. In an oblivious local area most witnesses called Kerry ( an independent investigator) without knowledge of the other witness's calls. My thanks to Independent investigator Kerry Teverbaugh, Chief investigator Roger Sugden, and IO editor and investigator David Henninger for their help.                 Jerry Sievers  MUFON State Director