A couple of strange events separated by approximately 43 years occurred on a fishing lake in southwestern Michigan not far from the Indiana state line. "When I heard of the events it got my curiosity up" reports Steven Hile, independent researcher. "This is the type of occurrence which doesn't get reported very often except these occurrences were on the same lake and the witnesses knew each other. Investigation indicates no other such events are known about in the time period between these two events". 

In the earliest event which occurred in the summer of 1957 or 1958, two young men were out fishing in a small boat on the wooded east side of the modest size lake. It was mid evening and any breezes had settled down. They were on their way back to shore on the west side of the lake, facing each other as they hand-rowed the boat. As they crossed the center of the lake the generally still water began to ruffle or wave up around them. Upon commenting about the strangeness of the water with no stiff breeze, the young man in the back of the boat spotted what he said appeared to be a small, quickly descending dark

object. The object descended very quickly about 30 feet in front of the boat and entered the water. It made no sound on descending or upon entering the water. No physical splash occurred. The object simply entered the water and was lost from sight. After the object entered the water the ruffling ceased and the water returned to normal. The young man rowing the boat had his back to the object and did not see it but did notice the water ruffling. After that they made haste for the shore. After telling of their experience no one else around the lake ever mentioned having such an experience. No report was made at the time.

Approximately 43 years later in either 2000 or 2001 another strange event happened on this same lake. An elderly couple and a third younger man went out fishing one evening in two aluminum boats. It was approximately 7:00 pm and the evening was overcast and warm. The elderly couple was in one boat and the man was in the second boat. After reaching a favorite spot on the north end of the lake about a quarter mile from shore they anchored their boats about a hundred feet apart with bows facing west. The wife in the first boat was facing west over the bow and the husband was facing east from the rear of the boat. All were fishing with spinning rods with nylon fishing line and cast their lines with open bail as is normally done. The man in the second boat was facing east from the rear of the boat and was using two fishing rods. He had just cast both lines out about 70 feet from the boat and the bobbers were in the water when the first line rose up above the water about ten feet at its midpoint. Then the second line did the same thing and both lines were now raised in a ten foot arch above the water. 

Meanwhile in the first boat the husband had cast out when the same thing happen to his line, raising about ten feet above the water. The wife had cast her line to the west and did not see what was going on behind her. At this point the husband decided they were going back to shore. His wife in the front of the boat was just pulling her line in after the first cast when her husband pulled the anchor and started heading the boat toward shore. At this point the man in the second boat made the same decision and they all headed for shore. 

On shore they discussed this event which is something they had never heard of ever happening to any one before. They returned to this spot later and many others fish this same area of the lake with no other reports. The three persons involved in this event believed it had something to do with the nylon fishing line and some type of static electrical charge. This investigator believes this could be possible but is highly unlikely. Lake water conducts electricity and no electrical charges should build up at a point ten feet above the water surface and the water itself. At least that is how it is suppose to work. In all my years of living in this part of the country I have never heard of such an event nor has any one else that I've asked about it. Coupled with the first event described above these events could possible occur on any lake based on the strange type of events which are reported and investigated involving UFOs. There are now some similar reports which relate to the description given in first event above.