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(Updated May  20, 2008)

State Director's Corner
Jerry Sievers

TV Production Companies

The Following message was sent to the entire MUFON Investigative Network by MUFON International Director James Carrion in an e-mail received May 20, 2008:

I have been hearing from MUFON chapters that TV production companies have been contacting MUFON Field Investigators on UFO cases which they want to include in various UFO documentaries. Although this is good for UFO public awareness, it also means that once the filming is done, you have no say in the editing and portrayal of the story.

MUFON HQ has signed a contract with Creative Differences, a LA based Production Company to do a series for the Discovery Channel. The contract states that MUFON has a say in the script and that MUFON is always portrayed in a positive light. In addition, MUFON personnel (including local investigators) are being monetarily compensated for
their time spent on the production with a per diem and daily rate. I would rather have your UFO cases featured on that show as we have a say in the production and it helps MUFON meet its mission and goals.

Please let me know if you are contacted directly by a production company. Also, please do not sign any legal documentation until MUFON attorneys have had a chance to see the documentation.

If you responded to my last email I sent out asking for compelling cases and your response bounced back, please resend directly to


Member-To-Member Message Board

The Indiana MUFON member-to-member message board is for Indiana MUFON members who want to contact and communicate with each other. The Member-to-Member Message Board is only accessible from this Members page and gives members the option of posting information or communiting if they so chose. If any problems occur please use the e-mail me button.

General Requirements For State Meetings

There have been a couple of inquiries about hosting an Indiana state meeting. The general requirements are as follows:

Schedule:             Spring, normally last two Saturdays of March or first Saturday of April.
                                        Fall, last two Saturdays of October or first Saturday of November.

          Time/Duration; normally 12:30 to 5:00 pm.
          Optimal locations; public libraries (main or branch) or motel,
                    with restaurants and motels near by.
          Meeting room- Capacity 35 to 50+ persons.
          Easy access/adequate parking.
          Seating/tables available.
          Full A/V facilities.
          MC for event to introduce personnel.

Personnel Coordinator: Contact media outlets at least two weeks in advance with full details of event; who, what, when, where.  Available for interviews before and after event.

Security: If necessary to handle any trouble situation: Work out with chapter.

Fees:  Free if possible. Small fee if costs are involved.

Note: Most motels will donate meeting rooms for the promise of a few room rentals.

They Call It the Blurfo Zone

Sometimes recorded blips, blobs, disc-shaped smears and streaks across a digital or video camera lens have been hailed as UFO photos. These blurry, distorted images are probably not flying saucers, UFOs or some other aerial phenomena. James Neff describes what he calls the BLURFO ZONE which may be the affect of bugs and birds which are passing quickly within the range of camera focal inability. Includes a rebuttal by George Filer. Thanks to