New Digital Cameras Capture Images of UFOs

If you wish to capture images of UFOs we suggest you monitor the sky with the new photographic equipment that has additional wavelength capabilities that include Infrared and/or Ultra-Violet Sensitivity. Shooting infrared has the power to transform mundane subject matter into unforgettable images. Everyday scenes that you might walk by and never think of photographing take on a more dramatic look when seen in infrared. Many people are taking images of UFOs that are apparently picked up by the infrared wavelength capabilities of many cameras.

Light with wavelengths from approximately 700 and 900nm (nanometers) is called infrared light. Interestingly, this band of infrared light is a thousand times wider than that of visible light, but is invisible to our eyes. Back in the bad old days of IR film, you needed to use special film stock and load and unload your camera in total darkness to reduce the damage of infrared fogging. Digital IR images can be made in the new digital cameras and you'll immediately see the results on the LCD screen. If you decide to buy a new digital camera, give it the "remote control" test by pointing a TV remote control at the lens, pressing the on/off switch or changing channels and seeing the image on the LCD panel of your camera. If you see a point of light, you're ready to make IR digital images and likely capture a UFO. Some filters can also help your camera take better Infrared. If your digital camera passes the TV remote control test and has a Black and White mode, you¡¯ll be able see the infrared effect and possible UFOs right before your eyes. Squinting seems to help picking up UFOs visually. The following link is a resource for you regarding Invisible Light Photography.

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