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The Strangest UFO Story Ever Told?
By: Jerry Sievers

Back in the mid 60's when I was reading everything about UFO's I could get my hands on, I came across this Letter to the Editor in "Real UFO Magazine":

Dear Sirs,

I just wanted to tell you this story- Back in the summer of 1919 two friends of mine and I were barn storming with our "Ginny aircraft" out west. We had landed on a mesa top to relax and eat our lunch such as it was, when one of my friends pointed at the eastern sky and said "What's that?" We all looked to see what looked like a very thin, very solid looking cloud coming toward us. Its outer edges were rippling like it was swimming through the air. It kept coming down and made a landing several hundred feet from us. It was 20 feet or so across, about two feet thick in the center, was whitish gray in color and had a surface like finely tanned leather with pinkish undertones. Near the thickest part in the center were these lateral slash marks which were oozing a clear pinkish fluid.

One of my friends said "Do you think on of us hit it with a prop? About this time we noticed another one of the critters coming at us like it was going to land too. Instead it hovered over the one on the ground at two or three feet and we noticed something like heat waves coming from the new arrival. After several minutes the most astonishing thing happened; both began to disappear. They were still there because we could see a definite black edge to them. The one on the ground slowly started to rise and move off to the west, stirring up the dust under it. They both gained altitude and were lost from sight before they got to the edge of the mesa we were on. (End of Report)

Up to this time I was a "nuts and bolts" believer about UFO's. But upon reading this report I had to reconsider my whole belief system. Maybe some UFOs do not come from interstellar sources. Perhaps some come from "upper space". Maybe, since the time of Creation these things have been populating the stratosphere, flying hither and yond?

Unexplained Phenomena Research Organization
By Jerry Sievers

In 1975 UPRO was formed to record, investigate and research incidents of unexplained Phenomena. Since then UPRO has received literally hundreds of Reports including  crystozoology (unknown animals), oopart (artifacts found where they should not be), spook lights, and spirit hauntings. Other investigations have included animal mutilations (mostly cattle), UFOs and crop circles.

UPRO has no web site and any one with further interest should E-mail me for further information (use E-mail Me buttons). Any one with an incident they have seen, discovered or found (such as in the media) are invited to forward such.