Associated Reports
UFO sighting reports filed close to the dates and times of the 2004 North Central Indiana Flap Sightings; Within 100 Miles
Up Dated May 30, 2004
April 8, 2004          Sheridan, Indiana          Hamilton County          Time 10:00 PM

Spread of Lights          Duration: Under one minute                    Sky: Clear

I was returning home with my family heading north on mulebarn road which we live on, about 4 or 5 miles south of Sheridan, Indiana. Wife and I noticed light on horizon due north. It rapidly changed and enlarged into a horizontal string of six or eight lights, just above tree line, however quite distant.  The spread of lights suggested a large aircraft however it did not act like conventional aircraft. Lights disappeared after only seconds as if turned off or rapidly headed away at low altitude below tree line.  Realized instantly this was not typical sky event, eventually called brother, who researched event on computer and found the same type sighting in Rochester Indiana at nearly exactly same time frame.  I subsequently read news paper article out of the South Bend Newspaper, to find out many other eyewitnesses.  I find it interesting that Grissom AFB is directly in between Sheridan and Rochester. Would like to know if it was some kind of military aircraft?

WUFOD I..3-238

April 17, 2004    Kokomo/Galveston, Indiana    Howard County    

Time: 10:00 PM          Duration:  2 minutes
Low Hovering Triangle of Lights                                              Sky: Partly cloudy

My husband and I were driving home on a Friday evening at approximately
8:30 PM.  I believe it was April 16, 2004, but I cannot be positive that it was not the Friday before?  We live in Howard County, Indiana and are very close to Cass County, Indiana.  We were on County Road 425 North, when almost at the same time we both said what is that?  We observed 3-4 red lights equal distance apart in the form of a triangle or diamond shape.  We could only see the lights.  We could not see the object. In fact it was just very dark in what would be the center of the lights.  The lights suddenly disappeared as if someone had turned off a switch.  It was very low.  It appeared to only be hovering, not really moving.  Once the lights went out, we could not see it.  We continued driving and approximately a half-mile down the road we saw it again hovering in a corn field.  Very low and close to us.  Again, after a few seconds, the lights turned off again and we could not see anything.  We were both in awe.  I was scared. My husband, a former police officer and pilot, said he had never seen anything like it.  We both believe it was a UFO.  We told our family and a few close friends.  I just learned, through the Pharos-Tribune, that there were Sightings in Rochester, Indiana also in April.

WUFOD I..3-266

April 18, 2004                    Brookston, Indiana                  Tippecanoe/White Counties

Orange Lights                                                            Time: 9:00 PM

My wife and I were returning home from dinner on Friday night (around 8:50PM). We were driving south and out the corner of my eye, to the east, I saw 4 bright yellow/orange lights appear in a 'W' formation. As I turned my head they started to fade and a fifth light appeared that seemed a lot closer than the other four. The fifth light then faded after 2 or 3 seconds. My wife also saw these lights but only caught them as they faded and she only saw three from her vantage point in the truck. It only took another 2 or 3 minutes to get home. When we arrived my wife got out of the truck. As I pulled into the garage, she then saw the same lights appear in the east over a neighbor's house, just above the tree line. They appeared in a straight line and hung motionless in the sky for a few seconds and then disappeared. This is the third time my wife and I have seen these lights. We saw them roughly this time last year (2003). The first time we saw them we were driving home again from dinner in Lafayette. We were heading north on US 43 toward Brookston. I first saw the lights as we were leaving the Wabash Levee. As we drove north they appeared another three times, the last time just before we went under I-65. In the last sighting there were three lights, the same orange color and
they appeared almost directly overhead as I could see them through the moon roof in the truck. They all appeared at exactly the same time and faded out together as well. The lights appeared to be moving with us as we drove north from West Lafayette until we reached I-65 (a total of 5 to 10 minutes). The second time we saw them was in May the same year 2003. We were all outside watching the full lunar eclipse that was underway. My wife, parents and our neighbors all saw them this time. They appeared in the east again just above the tree line. The first time they appeared there were only two lights but they appeared together and faded out together, again for the same 2 to 3 second duration. After the first sighting they appeared again after about five minutes but this time in the north east, again for a two to three second duration. These two sightings were seen by 7 people. After the second sighting I thought I heard a sonic boom (very far off though) and I saw what I assumed to be a military jet fly across the eastern sky at a high rate of speed.

Source: Message Board

April 26, 2004          Niles, Michigan   Cass County

Duration: Two minutes
Three Lights In a Row

A Michigan woman and her 10-year old daughter observed an object near Niles, Michigan.  They were driving and pulled off the road to watch it.  She said it had three very bright white lights in a row like they were all connected together.  They were so bright they could not see the object they were attached to.  It was about one and one half time the height of the trees in the air.  They watched about two minutes.  They had the window down and could hear no sound.  Suddenly it shot across the sky. She was about ready to head for home and it shot back to the original position.  They she became frightened and wanted her husband to see it. She said another car stopped to watch also, but she doesn't know who it was. She called the police and they had no interest in what she had seen.

Source: MUFON Headquarters