1 January 2000 and July 2000

Indiana State Director's Notes:  I recently had a call from an independent researcher/investigator who reported that several members of his family had UFO/MIB sightings over the last year.   On 1 January 2000 his son and daughter-in-law were driving from Indianapolis to Morgantown, They sighted a black triangle for several minutes in the distance. As they drew closer they saw parked alongside the road a 1959 Cadillac hearse and a man standing by the car with arms crossed over his chest looking up at the UFO.

In July of 2000 another son and his friend had a close encounter with a silent UFO (it was
three lights in the form of a triangle) within 100 feet of the witnesses.  Signed statements
and sketches have been procured from the witnesses.   Jerry L. Sievers

22 January 2000 

At an uncertain time at night, eastbound on I-64, just past US41 North, witnesses saw a large orange and red-domed disc with and eight-sided base.  Duration was "a very short time" within 200 feet, seen through the windshield.  After it passed the witness stopped and jumped out of the car but the object had disappeared.

Investigation by James E. Delehanty, ASD (South)

11 February 2000  Near Cloverdale. No time given, near intersection

Two witnesses watch a "lighted object as large as a two story barn with a ring of red lights" that moved away up and behind a tree-line as they approached. 
          Investigation by Luke Eckrich

14 March 2000  Indianapolis (west side), 10:30 PM. 

Two witnesses watch a 30-foot luminous oval move in front and behind low buildings. Closest approach was with 50 feet.

Investigation by Wayne Smith, SSD

1 August 2000 

Two witnesses saw a large (size of a man's thumb at ½ mile), black triangle bathed in an "electric arc-weld light" for several minutes to the south of Lucky Point (SE Knox County, Indiana). It rose straight up and was out of sight in 10 seconds.

Investigation by Kerry Teverbaugh

August 1, 2000  Argos, Indiana          

7:00 PM EST           (Duration:1-5_minutes)

My self and two friends were standing, grilling outdoors when I looked up and I saw what appeared to be a moving star that made some unusual flight patterns before disappearing. It had the same color and intensity of a star. We saw it descend from the edge of the atmosphere looking towards the northeast. It moved downward for almost a minute before it turned at about 90 degrees and headed back out of the sky accelerating as it left. It looked like a ball of white light but it seemed to move in a coordinated manner. We stood there and watched in amazement not sure of what it was that we  were seeing. I am still unsure. I think that if a being or person were Inside it, as it was a solid object, they would have been killed by the rapid change of direction it made. It seemed to defy gravity and not to have the limitations of flight that known manmade objects possess.

WUFOD  I..3-012

10 September 2000  By an unknown number of witnesses

Several orange balls of light were seen at Lucky Point in southeastern Knox County. No sound, no time was reported.

Investigation by Kerry Teverbaugh

October 2000: Near Washington in Daviess County.

While driving to work in the morning the witness observed an object appear in the western sky.  Described as a large, dark box floating across the sky with what appeared to be an elephant-like trunk protruding from the side near the bottom. No sounds.  The object stayed on a steady course and low, constant altitude, then moved toward the southeast and disappeared over the countryside.

15 November 2000:  West of Kokomo 

A Brilliant white (glitter-like) flashes in the western sky above the tree line, no pattern, two objects moved to the south in an arc and two moved north in a speed apparently faster than fighter jets.  Two very large orange spheres appeared (explosion-like) in the original position, lasting a few seconds.  Objects were video-taped by two witnesses. 

Investigation by Roger Sugden, ASD, and Stewart Hill, SSD.

November - December 2000:  Fort Wayne Flap.

Several objects have been reported to Fort Wayne police.  15 black triangles and silver spheres were originally reported by a single Witness and later like sightings by several witnesses in a group. 

Investigations by Roger Sugden, ASD.